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Etidronate (Etidronic acid)


Etidronate is designed for treatment of a wide array of bone diseases; in particular it is used as a cure to Paget's disease. The ailment has a destructive impact on bones, contributing to their structure damage and deformation. The medication is oftentimes prescribed to those recovering from bone surgery or injuries of spinal cord.

The medicament is aiming at eliminating the destructive processes and preserving the bone structure. In its complex of action Etidronate brings relief, acting gently but effectively. The drug is referred to the class of bisphosphonates, representing the product of chemical synthesis and performing the function of maintaining the bone mass.

In certain cases, where alternative medications demonstrate no efficiency, the preparation can be chosen as a remedy to osteoporosis. If a patient has been on long corticosteroid drugs treatment courses with no success, the medicament can also be appointed. Finally, the drug can be prescribed to deal with excessively high calcium levels in blood (the manifestation of certain cancer types).

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How to use

By following the administration regimen described in this section you will maximize the effect of the drug through effective absorption and minimize the risk of esophagus trauma.

Ideally, it is highly recommended to seek for professional consultation prior to enrolling into Etidronate course.

The drug is designed for perioral administration: you should consume a prescribed dosage on empty stomach no less than 2 hours before meal time and no less than 2 hours after food intakes. Take a pill with a plenty of water (1 glass) and avoid taking the drug with other liquids. Once the dosage is administered, you must refrain from resting in supine position during the next half an hour (ideally, 1+ hour). Walk, sit or keep standing. Consuming the drug with foods or other drugs simultaneously must be avoided to ensure the required absorption.

The drug should be consumed following the described time frames with each product containing aluminum, iron, magnesium or zinc in its composition. Therefore, an etidronate course should ideally be initiated with a diet. An average dosage is typically divided into 2 or 3 intakes, this regimen is recommended over single intakes. Depending on the case, the treatment course may equal from 1 to 6 months. Consuming an increased dosage as well as prolonging the therapy without prior consultation

If you have missed the dose, return to normal administration regimen as soon as possible; do not increase the dose to catch up.


Before initiating a treatment course, share any information on your allergy background (if there is any) with a treating doctor. The medication must be used with caution in case of osteomalacia. Let your doctor know about any kidney diseases you had in the past and/or inability to remain standing or sitting for more less than 30 minutes.

Pregnant women and those planning pregnancy in the nearest future must consult a doctor since the preparation may build up in the body for months and even years.

Special notes

The maximum efficiency from treatment is achieved with healthy lifestyle. The patients are expected to limit alcohol consumption, cease smoking and start or maintain daily exercising. A well-balanced diet, rich in vitamin D and calcium contribute to faster bones recovery. Regular examinations may be required to track the treatment progress: therefore, you may need to pass X-ray checks, as well as blood and kidney function checks.

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