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Femara (Letrozole)


Femara is anti-tumor medical remedy for treatment of malignant tumors on mammary glands. This remedy is inhibitor of estrogen synthesis. Extreme increasing of estrogens –women sexual hormones, leads to appearance of cancer in different parts of female organism. Given anti-tumor drug on early stage prevents development of tumor and doesn’t give to grow.

Femara differs from others anti-estrogens, because it has more powerful effect and treats directly malignant tumors. It can be used in complex with others drugs against Cancer, but only according to prescription of doctor.

In medical practice, this medication is used more often as a remedy of the first line for treatment of malignant tumors of mammary glands in women in period of naturally or synthetically provoked menopause, also in case of resistance on therapy by anti-estrogen.

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Before the beginning of this drug usage, it is needed to learn carefully clinical indications of the disease. To manage it, women need visit health facility and to pass there all required tests. In case of accurately diagnosis, doctor can prescribe optimal treatment with regular control of therapy effectiveness.

• It is recommended to use tablets Femara 2.5mg one time a day, every day.

• Course of treatment is really continues 5-19 years, depending from reaction of organism on drug’s action.

• Dosage doesn’t require correction in elder age.

• In case of not following the system of treatment, pharmacological effect can absent and you won’t notice the progress in treatment.


• Femara is contradicted for women with individual intolerance to component, which are included in drug’s contain, and also for children.

• Drug is forbidden for use in time of pregnancy or in period of breast-feeding. It can provoke irreversible changes of development in child and to do serious damage to his health.

• It is not recommended also to use this drug in period of menopause that is characterized by endocrinal changes in who organism.

• With use of some medical remedies consult with doctor and learn how do these drugs cooperate with Femara medicine. It is possible that given medicaments are incompatible.

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