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Flonase (Fluticasone)


Flonase is a nasal spray that has an active ingredient called Fluticasone Propionate. It is a synthetic corticosteroid. This is for intranasal purpose only. The chemical Fluticasone Propionate is white in color. The nasal spray also contains benzalkonium chloride, polysorbate, phenylethyl alcohol, microcrystalline cellulose, and carboxymethylcellulose sodium. The nasal spray has aqueous suspension of the active ingredient that can be sprayed to the mucosa in the nose. Spraying is done with the help of a metered pump that atomizes the aqueous suspension. For each spray done 50 mcg of the active ingredient is sprayed. A bottle of 16g can be used for 120 actuations of the nasal spray pump. After this count the active ingredient that comes out of the spray might not be in the correct proportion. Hence the nasal spray should not be used after the 120th spray.

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Flonase nasal spray is used in the treatment of rhinitis that could be allergic or non-allergic in nature. This can be used in all adults and in children above 4 years of age. The recommended dosage for adults is 200 mcg per day. This can be achieved by two sprays in each nostril a day. This can also be divided in to two doses of one spray in each nostril in the morning and the evening. After using the Flonase nasal spray for a few days the dosage can be reduced to 100 mcg per day. If Flonase is used regularly the symptoms of seasonal allergies can be controlled easily. In children the dosage of 100 mcg per day is recommended. However for those children who do not respond to this dosage, 200 mcg per day can be tried. If this is effective, this can be continued and once the symptoms are in control the dosage has to be reduced to 100 mcg per day. The maximum dosage per day for any person is only 200 mcg per day. Do not exceed this limit. Children below 4 years should not use Flonase.


Cushing syndrome might occur if the patient who is already using corticosteroid uses Flonase. In some cases wheezing, bronchospasm, edema of the face and tongue, and skin rashes might appear. There might be changes in the way you taste and smell foods. In some cases sore throat and nasal ulcer might occur. Voice changes are also possible to certain extent. Dryness and irritation of the eyes is also reported in some cases.

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