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Flurbiprofen Eye Drops


Flurbiprofen eye drops represent the anti-inflammatory drugs group and belong to the non-steroidal sub-category. The medicament is based on flurbiprofen - the main and single active ingredient, characterized by a wide scope of action and designed in a variety of forms. Thus, within a range of other products flurbiprofen can be designed for peroral, gel and even intravenous administration.

Just like a true to the type NSAID class rep, the medication boasts considerable pain-relieving effect capabilities. The course of action is determined by preventing cyclo-oxygenase formation, the substance that supports a range of chemical processes in the organism, including the one that promotes the development of prostaglandins. These agents emerge in the body when a patient suffers an injury, typically manifested by severe pain sensations. The process itself is a natural reaction of the body to the trauma or inflammation. The eye drops are capable of providing a comprehensive pain-relieving effect through neutralizing the development of cyclo-oxygenase.

The medication is designed for local application and primarily prescribed to eliminate pain sensations and contribute to a less severe eye treatment course of action (invasive therapy is meant - conventional or laser surgery). The non-steroidal nature of the medication allows making use of the drug in those cases where steroidal analogs are contraindicated or cannot be used for some other reason.

Another widely spread use case is the prevention of pupil reduction in size - the undesired effect potentially caused by surgical intervention. The side effect effect is explained by excessive formation of prostaglandins during the surgery, contributing to the pupil constriction. Taking into account the blocking capabilities of the medication, it can be prescribed to significantly reduce the risk of pupil constriction. In this case an individually selected administration course is taken beforehand.

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When is it used?

The medicament is used prior to the prior to the surgery to prevent acute inflammations and relieve painful sensations and discomfort following during a post-surgery period. The drug is typically prescribed in case when a steroidal alternative is not an option for some reason.

How do I use it?

Consult your treating doctor and the surgeon before applying the medication. Follow the recommendations strictly to make the most of the Flurbiprofen eye drops. In an overwhelming number of cases a drop of medication is a normal single dose (their quantity may vary) to minimize the unwanted painful effects. If you are using the package that contains a dose for a single drop, utilize the container and do not keep the remaining liquid for further use. Such packages are normally deprived of preservatives, which makes their further application dangerous for your health.

Wash your hands carefully before you apply the drug. Shake the container slightly and turn it upside down to squeeze the medication. Apply the drop only to the eye that will undergo surgery. Be careful with the container and do not allow it touch the eye, you should be applying the medication at a safe distance. As a rule, the drug is recommended to be taken within the interval of 30 minutes 2 hours before an anticipated surgery.

Important information

Depending on the type of surgery you are about to undergo, the treatment procedure may vary. Thus, in case of serious surgery invasions the medication can be prescribed for administration 36 hours beforehand. The medicament may also be prescribed during post-surgery period (e.g., after trabeculoplasty) - the treatment period may vary from 7 to 10 days.

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