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Foot Care Cream


Skin on feet needs a special care because it quickly becomes rougher. Foot Care Cream helps to cope with the problem of feet dryness, improves nutrition of the skin, keeps a natural color of the skin, and also helps to cope with the problems on foot. This moisturizing and tonic product suits well each person who take care of legs and wants to make them beautiful and healthy.

Foot Care Cream has an exceptional, penetrating ability providing a fast healing and regeneration of the damaged skin, removes inflammation, softens rough, dry, and chapped skin of the feet and toes. Also it provides a refreshing and deodorizing effect, shows the antibacterial properties and removes fatigue of the legs.

This product includes vegetable components which fill your skin with all vitamins needed for maintenance of the beauty of your legs. This cream perfectly suits for the softening and reduction of corns, relieves the symptoms of itching because of the dryness of the skin, and restores cracks on the heels. After using this cream you will quickly see a difference as you will notice that feet and heels become softer, skin is improved its color and become more pleasant to the touch in a couple of days.

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Foot Care Cream can be used for both short-term and long-term control of the dry skin, corns, and cracks on the heels. This product is indicated for the daily use and at the moment it is easy-to-use than other creams for feet. One of the advantages of Foot Care Cream is its fast penetrating ability. It is completely absorbed in the skin of the legs for a couple of minutes and does not leave its marks.

Initially, buyers are recommended to apply this cream to the dry skin, cracks on the heels and also other areas of the legs which require a special attention not less than two times per day. This will help to quickly improve the skin condition and fill it with nutritious properties. Then it is possible to reduce a number of the cream application up to once a day, or once per 2 days.

It is better to apply the cream after the shower because steamed out skin on the feet will better absorb the cream and you will see that your skin will not be dry


- Foot Care Cream is a totally safe product which does not cause allergy. It includes only hypoallergic ingredients which are well tolerated and do not cause the skin itching, redness or other side effects. That is why this remedy can be used in any place and by any person

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