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Forxiga (Dapagliflozin)


Forxiga is an innovative medication, which promotes an effective diabetes treatment. Due to the powerful active ingredient, Dapaglifloazin, the drug is classified as sodium-glucose cotransporter 2 inhibitor. The components of the remedy reduce the sugar amount that the body absorbs and increase the level of the sugar containing in the urine. Considering the provided effects, Forxiga serves an effective treatment of type 2 diabetes. To achieve the maximal results, the drug should be used together with exercises and a balanced diet.

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Consulting a healthcare provider is inevitable for successful diabetes treatment with Forxiga. Administer the remedy in the exact dose, determined by your doctor to experience the maximal possible effects. The dose and duration of the course will depend on the severity of the disorder and overall health state, though general intake instructions remain the same. Forxiga should be used orally, with or without food. Try to use the drug at approximately the same time, every morning. Advanced fluid consumption is important in order to preserve proper kidney functioning. Taking the medication during the whole treatment course increases your chances of witnessing 100% safe and positive results. Skipping doses can significantly decrease or even block Forxiga effect. Contact your medical specialist if you have any problems or complications using the drug.

Precautions and Contraindications

Do not start the medication intake if you are not completely sure in its safety. Forxiga is not advised for several types of people, including the ones, who are sensitive to its active ingredients. Additionally, people diagnosed with diabetes type 1 should not take the drug. Bladder cancer, abnormal blood pressure, increased urine ketone levels, kidney disorders and numerous other health impairments may prevent a patient from Forxiga intake.

Additionally, contact your medical specialist before this diabetes medication intake. The medication can interact with certain diseases, illnesses and related complications. Special dose adjustment may be required for people with increased cholesterol level, kidney dysfunctions, yeast infection, decreased blood volume, dehydration and others. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are in the risk group of negative Forxiga impact on the health of both a mother and a child.

Drug Interactions

Similar to other effective diabetes type 2 treatment, Forxiga provides a drastic impact on the body. Thus, any other medication used at the same time with Forxiga can influence the success of the treatment course. Make sure your healthcare provider is aware of all the other prescription and non-prescription drugs, vitamins, minerals and pharmaceutical supplements you are using. Pay ultimate attention to other oral diabetes medications, insulin and related pharmaceuticals, as their combinations with Forxiga may significantly lower blood sugar levels. Besides, diuretics and several other medication types can advance the risk of low blood pressure occurrence.

Side Effects

Contact your medical specialist the moment you have noticed any disorders or abnormalities after Forxiga use. Stuffy or runny nose, sore throat, headache, nausea and vomiting are mild adverse reactions, which are not likely to be dangerous. Seek emergency medical assistance if the therapy has triggered allergic reactions, chest tightness, muscle weakness, lightheadedness, symptoms of urinary tract infection, signs of kidney complications and others.

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