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Frontier (Fipronil)


Frontier is the brand name for the drug that is used on dogs for controlling flea, tick and chewing lice. This drug is for dogs and puppies. This drug is also sold in other names like Fipronil and Frontline. The active ingredient in this drug is Fipronil. This drug kills adult fleas even before they lay eggs. Thus it controls allergy flea dermatitis. Reinfestation is prevented with the use of Frontier in dogs and puppies. All the stages of ticks like brown dog ticks, lone start ticks, deer ticks, and American dog ticks are killed with the use of Frontier. This drug is fast acting. Frontier can be safely used in pregnant bitches too. Frontier collects in the oils in the skin and is released from hair follicles and lasts long.

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It is recommended that you follow the directions given in the product label. The product should be applied to the pets only by the adults. Do not allow your children to use this product on dogs and puppies. Frontier should be used in dogs and puppies only. Do not use this product for other animals and pets. Use the applicator given in the package. The entire contents of the applicator should be squeezed near the shoulder blades of the animal on the skin. Do not apply it on the hairs. Frontier should be applied in only one spot. For eliminating mites, you can go for multiple monthly treatments. This medicine will continue to give its effect even after bathing the animal or exposure to sun.


Do not allow your children to apply this medicine on your pets. The container that had the medicine should not be reused for any purpose. If accidentally consumed by a person, call the poison control center immediately. The person can take a glass of water if they can. If the medicine gets into your eyes accidentally wash your eyes with clean water for about 15 to 20 minutes. Remove the contact lenses if any when you are washing your eyes.

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