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Galvus (Vildagliptin)


Galvus is the brand name of active principle vildagliptin. Vildagliptin is the generic name of the product. This medicine is used to treat the diabetes [type -2, non insulin dependant diabetes]. This medication stimulates the secretion of hormones such as glucagons-like-peptide and glucose dependent insulinotrophic peptide. These hormones are secreted by the body naturally as and when the food is consumed. The function of these hormones is nothing but the control of blood sugars in the body.

Galvus is used only on the type -2 diabetic patients and the patients who are not depending on insulin treatment. These persons blood sugar if not controlled efficiently by the other anti diabetic medicines; the galvus is the best choice for controlling the blood sugar level.

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There are many side effects of the galvus which are mentioned below. Head ache, if used with sulphonylurea or metformin, tremor, if used with metformin or suplphonylurea, dizziness, low blood sugar levels, nausea when used with metformin, weight gain if used with glitazone, swelling of the ankles and legs when used with glitazone, fatigue if used with metformin, constipation if used with sulphonylurea, general weak ness if used with glitazone and pain in the head if used with glitazone. Galvus should never be used in people who are over seventy five years old, people with mild heart ailments, and the people who are taking ACE inhibitor medicines such as captopril as it is contraindication.


Low blood glucose [hypoglycemia] is very common while using galvus in combination with metformin or glimepiride. Cool pale skins, cold sweats, unusual tiredness, confusion, weakness, excessive hunger, head ache, palpitations, nausea, temporary vision problems etc are the symptoms of hypoglycemia. Such incidences if experienced by the person who is using galvus should be informed to the doctor and get the suitable advice for the same. The diabetes are highly prone for foot ulcers and skin blistering and hence such people should be constantly under proper foot care and the doctor should be consulted if there is any skin blisters. The pregnant mother or the breast feeding mother should consult the doctor before using the galvus. Galvus is not recommended for those who are having kidney problems and are under dialysis.

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