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Ginseng is a widely spread medication that is available under different names. The medication is a herb that serves to balance vital body functions. The alternative remedy is considered to be useful as a treatment of respiratory infections, increased blood sugar in patients affected by diabetes type 2, breast cancer, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, menopausal syndrome, anemia, memory loss, digestive impairments, cancer related fatigue and others. However, the drug is not FDA approved, so it cannot replace other treatments prescribed by the doctor. Most commonly, Ginseng is sold in the form of a herbal supplement to manage certain health disorders.

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Striving to start Ginseng therapy, you should definitely consult your healthcare provider. Additionally, the practitioners advice or instruction of the doctor who is trained to work with herbal supplements may be of great help. There are no universal recommendations for Ginseng use, so a patient should follow the directions mentioned in the safety leaflet and the ones, mentioned on the package. Never combine the treatment course with other Ginseng forms, including liquid, tablets, etc.

Contraindications and Precautions

Discuss Ginseng intake with your healthcare provider to make sure the treatment will not cause any complications and will not interact with any impairments or diseases you have. Ginseng is not advised for patients who have severe medical conditions and health abnormalities. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are contraindicated for the supplement use, since its impact on nursing and unborn children has not been fully investigated, but there is a risk that the medication will impact the babys health in a negative way. Ask your doctor about Ginseng use, especially if you are diagnosed with diabetes, insomnia, upcoming surgery, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, uterine fibroids, mental or psychical disorders, etc. The treatment should not be given to children without doctors advice.

Drug Interactions

Several prescription and generic drugs, as well as other pharmaceutical products, may interact with Ginseng, provoking devastating complications and side effects. To prevent negative consequences and benefit from the medication course, it is inevitable to warn a healthcare provider about other remedies you are taking, paying ultimate attention to antidepressants, immunosuppressants, Warfarin, diabetes drugs, corticosteroids and other medications. This is not a full list of possible Ginseng interactions, so keep all the outcomes in mind and ensure your safety during the therapy.

Side Effects

Despite Ginseng is a herbal remedy, its misuse can trigger undesirable reactions. The minor reactions of the organism to the medication including headache, insomnia, diarrhea, minor stomach disorders and discomfort, uneven heartbeat, vaginal bleeding, breast tenderness, abnormal blood pressure and others. However, these symptoms will disappear after several drug intakes.

Even though the treatment is considered to be safe, it can activate several more dangerous complications, such as allergic reactions (hives, breathing impairments, swelling, inching, etc.), severe skin reactions (burning in the eyes, sore throat, skin pain, peeling, blistering) and others. Call your doctor if Ginseng use caused any abnormal reactions in your body. Seek emergency medical help in case the complications are too dangerous and aggravating.

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