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Glucophage, Glucophage


Glucophage is a medication used for treating type 2 diabetes mellitus. This is the most popular drug in US used for treating diabetes and it is one of the drugs that are mostly prescribed all over the country, with around 35 million people prescribed with this medicine for generic metformin alone in the year 2006. Glucophage helps in lowering the blood glucose levels as it helps our body to use insulin produced by the pancreas in a better way. Glucophase is used for treating type 2 diabetes mellitus in the adults, especially in over-weight patients, when exercising and diet management fail to achieve adequate glycaemic control. It is also used in combination therapy for insulin dependent diabetes, particularly if the patient is over-weight.

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If prescribed properly, this medicine will cause very few side effects and will not result in hypoglycemia when used alone, which is caused by most of the other drugs used for treating diabetes. Glucophage is the only drug used for treating diabetes which has been proven to provide protection against diabetic complications related to cardiovascular system of the body. In addition, it does not result in weight gain and on the contrary, it may lead to minor weight loss even. Glucophage is helpful in modestly reducing levels of triglyceride and LDL. One of the best features of the drug is that Glucophase is non-addictive. As of the year 2008, Glucophage (Metformin) is among the only 2 oral anti-diabetic drugs mentioned in the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines.


The directions given on the prescription label should be followed carefully and a professional pharmacist or doctor should be consulted for any needed explanations. Glucophage should be taken exactly as prescribed. The tablets should be taken during meal or immediately after it. Tablets have to be swallowed with one glass of water and taken at almost the same time every day. It is not advised to take the medicine more than directed. Children suffering from diabetes can also take Glucophage if their condition is not able to be controlled by insulin and who have already received treatment in a hospital. The dose will be decided by the child’s doctor only. Continue taking the medicine for as long as you are recommended by your doctor. It is very important to consult your doctor before stopping Glucophage. Usually, the treatment is combined with exercise and balanced diet. If you have forgotten to take a dose of Glucophage, then you can take it whenever you remember it with meal, and then return back to your normal schedule of taking the tablet. But if it is already the time for taking the next tablet, then you can skip the missed dose and take the tablet that was scheduled for this time. It is not advised to take two tablets at a time to compensate for the missed dose. Glucophage has to be kept at normal room temperature and away from moisture and heat. Inform your doctor before taking this medicine if you have allergy to Glucophage or any other medicine, you are diabetic ketoacidosis, you are suffering from a severe disease related to liver, kidney or heart failure, you are pregnant or planning to conceive or you are breast feeding or planning to breast feed.

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