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Glucotrol is a long acting antibiotic drug belonging to the class of Sulfonylurea. Glucotrol aids in reducing high blood pressure by augmenting the insulin amount produced by the pancreas. By this way the Glucotrol aids the body to use insulin proficiently. Glucotrol can be utilized in the treatment of person having type 2 diabetes (non insulin dependent diabetes). The drug brings the level of blood sugar under control glucotrol can be taken separately or along with other antibiotics.

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The dosage of Glucotral differs from person to person The dosage will be prescribed by your physician. He will decide on the size and frequency of the dosage. The patient is advised to strictly follow the dosage laid down by his .doctor. The Glucotrol is given in the shape of oral regular tablet. It is also given in an extended oral release tablet. The pills are available in the market in different quantities. It is now available in 2.5mg, 5mg, and 10 mg of quantities. The treatment can be commenced with the patient being given 5mg of Glucotrol prior to breakfast. If necessary the physician may increase the daily intake of dosage but it will not exceed the maximum amount of 40 gms. To get good effective results, Glucotral should be taken two hours ahead of meals. Suppose if you forget to take the tablet, i.e., if you have missed a dose contact your doctor. He will offer some valuable suggestions. But never two doses at the same time to compensate the missing dose.


Person allergic to any allergies should avoid Taking Glucotral. Likewise, people suffering from nausea, drowsiness, and headaches should stay away from Glucotral.Aged person should avoid taking this pill as it may sometimes deteriorates their health... Due to old age these elderly people may suffer from many bodily disorders like loss of stamina and resistive power. People suffering from headaches, giddiness, and headaches should avoid taking Glucotral. Pregnant ladies should abstain from taking Glucotral, because the medicine may cause damage to the fetus. Likewise breast feeding ladies should avoid taking Glucotral. Sometimes toxic and detrimental agents pass through the breast milk. And affect the newborn infant.

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