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Type 2 diabetes is a chronic disease manifested disorders of carbohydrate metabolism with the development of insulin resistance and hyperglycemia as a result of secretory dysfunction of beta cells as well as lipid metabolism to the development of atherosclerosis. Since the main cause of death and disability of patients are complications of systemic atherosclerosis, type 2 diabetes is sometimes called cardiovascular disease.

Glucovance works best under certain conditions; prescribed with caution due to a relatively long range of contraindications. Along with a reduction in the concentration of glucose in the blood, the drug reduces the content of fat-containing substances, thereby preventing damage of the vascular wall with further development of atherosclerotic lesions and kidney.

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What is Glucovance

Medical drug under the name Glucovance represents a combined hypoglycemic agent. The preparation is characterized by a wide scope of action, yet it is appointed with caution due to an extensive number of restrictions.

Release form and composition

The medicament manufactured in the form of pills packed in the blisters. A single pill contains the following active substances:

Metformin hydrochloride in an amount of 500 mg;

2.5 mg of glibenclamide.

Auxiliary ingredients

Indications for use

The drug is appointed to patients suffering from type 2 diabetes; it is primarily designed to be used in the following cases: as a mean for replacing the previously conducted therapy using two preparations on the basis of glibenclamide and metformin. The substitution can taken advantage of in patients with controllable, stable blood glucose levels. Glucovance is typically resorted to as a second-line solution in case of inefficiency of exercise, diet therapy or during the post-treatment period with glibenclamide or metformin.


The application for therapeutic purposes must be avoided in the following cases:

Lactic acidosis;

Women during breastfeeding;

In the case of hypersensitivity to the components of the patient Glucovance;

Diabetes mellitus type 1;

Acute, against which violations may occur in the kidney: shock, dehydration, intravascular administration of iodinated contrast agents, a severe infection;

Glucovance not be taken in patients with impaired renal function or renal failure;

Hypersensitivity to sulfonylureas.

This drug is not recommended for people older than 60 years, whose work is associated with heavy physical activity, as there is the risk of lactic acidosis.

Dosage regimen

The scheme of the drug should be determined by the physician individually for each patient after the data on the level of blood glucose. As a rule, initially Glucovance dosage equals 500 mg/2.5 mg, taken once daily.

To replace the previously conducted combination therapy the patient should take 500 mg/2.5 mg 1000 mg/5 mg depending on the preceding reception circuit. Since the start of the treatment every 1-2 weeks a doctor should adjust dosage regimen depending on glycemia

Special notes

The treatment course requires regular monitoring of blood glucose levels after a meal and on an empty stomach. If the patient experiences side effects, seeking for immediate medical assistance is required.

In the case of a patient of infectious diseases of the genitourinary system, or bronchopulmonary infection should seek immediate medical attention. Glucovance is not compatible with alcohol. Patients receiving treatment, subject to the emergence of hypoglycaemia, thus they should observe safety precautions when working with complex machinery and driving.

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