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Golden Root


According to a range of clinical trials conducted by NYU Langone Medical Center researchers, Golden Root (also known as ‘rhodiola rosea’) represents one of the most efficient natural broad spectrum remedies. Being the Klondike of nutrients, its roots contain essential oils, tannins, ascorbic and nicotinic acid and 20+ valuable microelements, including iron, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, antimony, etc. The leaves and stems of the plant boast significant malic and tartaric acids concentration. Golden root is fairly considered to be a perfect preparation to boost potency in men, improving sexual activity and erection dramatically. Rhodiola rosea has been added to the armory of health workers since ancient times – our ancestors applied the powerful golden root effect through decoctions and potions. Today pharmaceutical establishments use rhizomes to produce high concentration extracts and essences.

Golden root was actively used in folk medicine of Siberians: even if the cause of some disease could not be determined exactly for some reasons, the patient was prescribed the preparation to support the normal functioning of the organism. Altai tribes used the herb to maintain immune system and overall health. In folk medicine, golden root as a tea drink to relieve fatigue and overwork, to increase performance and endurance.

The procurement of raw materials is carried out in the period from the end of flowering to full ripening. The plant’s roots are dried in the rooms with optimal temperature and moisture levels set – subjecting the plant to direct sunlight is avoided to conserve useful properties to the full extent. Thus, the shelf life of dried rhizomes typically equals 2 years.

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Golden root: medical application

Rhodiola rosea is highly appreciated for its spectacular tonic properties, contributing to fatigue banishing, physical and mental performance improvement and tension relieving. In scientific medicine a liquid extract of Rhodiola rosea is typically used. It is prepared using 40% alcohol in a 1:10 ratio of raw material to the extractor. Golden root extract is recommended to be taken in the dosage of 10 drops and 2-3 times each 24 hours.

The pharmacological action of a golden root extract at a dose of 5-10 drops and 2 intakes in the morning and afternoon has been studied in people on the eve of the upcoming mental workload or important event (for example, in students prior to the session and technical specialists before product release). Therefore, those taking rhodiola extract tolerated mental load better and were bothered neither by somnolency nor by headache. In addition, the level of irritability remained stable.

The positive effect of golden root also consists in improving attention and memory, as well as strength of excitation. Patients suffering from neuroses restore excitatory and inhibitory mobility processes due to the preparation; while those with hypotension typically manage to restore normal blood pressure. Yet, the preparation offers stunning effect to those looking to enhance their sexual experience – the power of natural ingredients improves sexual desire, erection strength, as well as helps to last longer during sexual intercourse.

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Golden Root has a strong stimulating property that accelerates physical and mental capabilities. At the same time the plant contributes to the normalization of metabolic processes and improves important energy metabolism in the brain and muscles. The unique natural preparation makes a significant impact on mental performance and memory, as well as stimulates concentration.

The plant boosts adaptation to external factors due to its explicit adaptogenic properties; it increases the body's defensive mechanism, making it immune to stress. What is even more important, the absence of contraindications (excepting high arterial pressure cases) and natural composition definitely make the remedy stand out from the crowd.

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