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Griseofulvin (Grifulvin V)


Griseofulvin is the generic drug name for the brand names like Gris -PEG, Grisactin 500, Grisactin Ultra, Grisactin 250, Fulvicin P/G, Fulvicin U/F and Griseofulvic. Griseofulvin is an antifungal medicine that is used in the treatment of fungal infection in the skin, hairs, nails, and foot. Ringworm infections are treated effectively with this medication. Grifulvin is available in strengths of 125 mg and 250 mg. The 125 mg strength tablet is available in bottles of 100 while the 250 mg strength medicine is available in bottles of 100 and 500.

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In treating adults for fungal infections a single dose or a divided dose of 375 mg per day is given. Mostly the response will be good for this dosage. For severe fungal infections where eradication is difficult the dosage could be 750 mg per day. In children the recommended dosage is 3.3 mg per pound of weight of the child. It is better to follow the regimen recommended by your doctor for effective eradication of the fungal infection. Take the dose as recommended by your doctor with a glass of plain water. It is better to take Griseofulvin after a fatty meal so that the medication is well absorbed in your system. If you happen to miss any dose of Grifulvin, continue with the other doses of the day or consult your doctor and get their advice on the dosages to take. If you think you have taken over dose of Griseofulvin contact your doctor immediately.


Accurate diagnosis of the infection whether it is caused by fungus or bacteria is essential for the effectiveness of Griseofulvin. It is effective only against fungal infections and not against bacterial infections. Patients who are allergic to Griseofulvin or those who have liver disease or prophyria should not take Grifulvin . If you are pregnant do consult your doctor before taking Griseofulvin. Do not breast feed your baby without consulting the doctor if you are on Griseofulvin. Sperm production is affected by the intake of Griseofulvin. Hence a male should avoid fathering a child while he is taking Griseofulvin or even after about 6 months of taking this medication.

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