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Gyne-Lotrimin (Clotrimazole)


To avoid any potential undesired reaction or complication, Gyne-Lotrimin should be used only with the doctor's recommendation and only by a patient that has such a recommendation.

Gyne-Lotrimin (active ingredient Clotrimazole 1%) is an antifungal medication indicated for:

1. Treatment of vaginal yeast infections (candidiasis).

2. Alleviation of external itching caused by the infection.

The main symptoms of vaginal yeast infections are moderate to intense burning and itching. These are caused by the growth of yeast. The major task of the medication is to eliminate these sensations, which is to stop the fungus growth. Inserted into the vagina Gyne-Lotrimin (one applicatorful of cream or a tablet) eliminates the yeast cells in the course of treatment relieving all the unpleasant symptoms and creating conditions for restoring the healthy vaginal microbiota.

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Gyne-Lotrimin is to be used directly as indicated. As it is available in both prescription and over-the-counter forms, following doctor's recommendations or leaflet guidelines respectively is a must.

The dosage is based on the condition treated; depending on the response to the treatment that can be either reduced or increased. It is strongly recommended for all the changes to be made upon the doctor's approval only. It is also important to use the medication for the full time indicated (usually 1-7 days), even if the symptoms seem to have disappeared, otherwise, the infection can return.

As the action of Gyne-Lotrimin isn't affected by menstruation, don't stop using the drug during the period. It is recommended to use unscented menstrual pads and avoid using various vaginal products like spermicides, tampons and douches.

Contraindications and Precautions

Prior to using Gyne-Lotrimin (especially if self-treatment is concerned) it is vital to determine if it is the vaginal yeast infection and not some other, more serious condition. Any foul smelling vaginal discharge accompanied by fever and abdominal pain may signal about the latter. In this case treatment with Gyne-Lotrimin is not recommended. If, however, it is the yeast infection, you should know that such disorders as immune system problems, diabetes, liver disease and frequent vaginal yeast infections require special medical attention.

Next, prior to giving you his/her approval your doctor should know if you've ever had allergic reactions; in particular, any adverse reaction to other azole antifungal agents or inactive ingredients contained in the medication. Additionally, the list of all prescription/non-prescription medications and herbal products currently taken should be also shared with the doctor as some drugs (e.g. corticosteroids, antibiotics and immunosuppressants) can interact with Gyne-Lotrimin either changing its efficiency or causing adverse reactions.

Side Effects

It is common for most medications that together with the desired effect they can cause a number of undesired ones. If you are potentially allergic to any component contained in Gyne-Lotrimin or do not follow the recommendations given, you are at risk of getting some side effects.

On the whole, Gyne-Lotrimin is well-tolerated, and such common symptoms of vaginal discomfort like itching, mild burning and irritation require medical attention if they become persistent and bothersome. Unlike the mentioned side effects, severe allergic reactions (fever, chills, swelling, difficulty breathing, severe vaginal discomfort, etc.) require immediate help.

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