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Hoodia Patch


Hoodia Patch is a new revolutionary remedy for the treatment of obesity and fast loss of weight. Nowadays to lose weight strong drugs are used that influence on the body. However due to 100% natural extract of Hoodia it is possible to forget about the overweight. Hoodia Patch is a special patch for the weight loss and these patches are applied to the skin. The patches contain hoodia gordonii which has been used for the weight loss for many years.

In spite of the fact that patches are applied to the humanís skin they provide a strong pharmacological effect. Modern innovative nanotechnologies provide Hoodia Patch with special system which quickly brings active parts through the skin directly into the blood. Due to the new way of the use of the remedy for the weight loss there is not load for the digestive system and the frequency of the side effects of the gastrointestinal tracts is reduced by 99 times.

As the majority parts of the tablets for the treatment of obesity are removed by the body and are not digested a person does not gain the maximal effect. A new medical form of Hoodia helps almost all components of the drug to penetrate in the body. This will increase the speed and result of the treatment of obesity by several times.

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It is very easy to use the patch. Hoodia Patch should be applied to the part of the skin without hair for 24 hours (one day). In 24 hours it is necessary to change the old patch to the new one, and this must be done within the whole course of the treatment. For the best absorption of the active components of Hoodia the place of the patch can be changed.

Hoodia Patch is almost harmless. It can be used as long as you need. These patches can be used for the reduction of the overweight as well as for the prophylaxis of the obesity. Within 24 hours you will be protected against excess pounds even at night when there is a regeneration of cells and part of the fat is produced. Hoodia Patch will actively destroy all fat cells.


- Hoodia Patch must not be taken in case of the high sensitivity to any components of the drug.

- The use of the patches is not advisable during pregnancy and breast-feeding.

- During the use of the patches there may be irritation and itching on the skin. These side effects usually pass in 2-3 days and are not dangerous for patient.

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