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Hydrating Face Wash Cream


A face is an open part of the skin which is constantly subject to the exogenous irritants. Wind, sun, rain, and frost destroy the structure of the skin of our face, and thus wrinkles and pigment spots appear and skin looks older and unattractive. We offer you a unique Hydrating Face Wash Cream which will not only restore a natural beauty of your skin but also make it more beautiful and fresh.

This cream suits both men and women. It can be used in any situations and it will not make your skin worse but on the contrary it will make you more attractive and even younger. Natural extracts of the cream have a good impact on the microflora of the face skin filling it with vitamins and minerals which are needed for each person.

Under the influence of the exogenous factors the skin of the face quickly becomes dry and the general appearance becomes worse. Hydrating Face Wash Cream moistens well, tones up the skin and imparts color, and saturates even the most sensitive skin.

The main properties of the cream can be characterized as follows:

- it moistens the upper and deep layers of epidermis, and normalizes a water-electrolytic balance

- it improves the blood circulation and cell metabolism

- it provides anti-inflammatory and soothing effect

- it reduces itch and prevents peeling of the skin in case of dryness and chills the skin

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Often, this cream is used by people with normal and dry skin. Using it there is no contraction of the face as it may be while using soap. So you can use this cream 2 times per day.

It is not needed to often apply Hydrating Face Wash Cream to the skin but if the cream is applied 2-3 times per day, there are no side effects. This cream is well tolerated and that is why it is prescribed people with the most sensitive skin.

It is necessary to apply the cream to the skin in the morning so that your skin will have a good tone and keep its microelements, and in the evening so that the skin will have a rest.

In order to apply the cream to the face it is enough to wet it with a small amount of water and apply the cream. Then it is necessary to sub the cream slowly until foam appears. Then rinse your face with warm water.


- Hydrating Face Wash Cream is hypoallergic, and therefore it can be used by any group of people.

- It does not cause side effects and irritate the skin.

- Use restrictions with other cosmetic products are absent.

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