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Ibandronic acid


Ibandronic acid is the brand name for the generic drug ibandronate sodium. This drug is used in the treatment of osteoporosis in women post menopause. It is also used in the prevention of osteoporosis in women. This drug is available in the form of 2.5 mg film coated tablet and 150 mg film coated tablet. The 2.5 mg film coated tablet is for daily use and the 150 mg film coated tablet is for once in a month use. This drug increases the bone mineral density and hence it is helpful in avoiding fractures.

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How to use

A patient taking Ibandronic acid should take the 2.5 mg tablet daily and this should be the first one that you take for the day. It should be taken before you consume any other food or medication. For once in a month use the 150 mg tablet is taken and the successive dosage should be taken on the same date every month. It is necessary that you sit in the upright position and take the tablet as a whole with lot of water. This is important to avoid any esophageal irritations. Once you have taken Ibandronic acid make sure that you are not eating anything else for the next hour. You can lie down for one hour after taking Ibandronic acid. If you miss the once-in-a-month dose you can take the dose the next morning if the next dose date is more than a week. Then next dosage can be on the original date that you missed. If the dose is within a week you have to wait for the scheduled date. Supplementary intake of calcium and vitamin D is necessary if your regular food does not have it.


Do not chew the tablet. It should be taken as a whole while you sit straight so that the tablet is delivered to your stomach without creating any esophageal irritation. Do not take any other food for 60 minutes after taking Ibandronic acid. You can take plain water if you want. A patient should not take two 150 mg tablets in the same week. Patients with severe kidney problems should not take Ibandronic acid.

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