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Imodium (Loperamide)


Imodium is a highly effective antidiarrhetic medical product. The pharmacological action of this medical product is characterized by the fast binding of the active components with opioid receptors in the wall of the intestine.

As a result of this there is a blocking of the release of acetylcholine and prostaglandins, and this leads to the reduction of propulsive peristalsis and increase of the transmission time of the composition trough the intestine. In one word, this drug reduces the speed of the transmission of wastes of the body by means of the slight suppression of the intestine functions. Also, Imodium increases a tone of the anal sphincter by causing the increase of the muscles. As a result of this incontinence and urge are reduced.

More often, this medical product is taken for acute and chronic diarrhea of the different etiology, and also ileostomy (for the reduction of frequency of defecations and amount of stool and also for making it solid).

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This medication can be taken both on your own and having consulted the doctor. The only thing you have to bear in mind is that causes and types of diarrhea may be different and the reduction of the diarrhea symptoms does not always affect the course of the disease. If diarrhea is caused by the infections of the gastrointestinal tract, then besides this drug it is necessary to use antibacterial remedies which will remove the cause of the intestine disorder.

Use and dose of Imodium depend on the type of diarrhea and its severity.

- for the acute type of diarrhea adults are prescribed one capsule after each fluidus voiding

- for the chronic type adults are prescribed 2 capsules per day with the further increase up to 8 capsule

- children are prescribed one capsule per day or one capsule after each fluidus voiding

- the maximal daily dose is 8 capsules

- it is not recommended to take more than 8 capsules per day as this may affect the work of the intestine and lead to the unwanted consequences


- in case of the acute dysentery with blood in the stool and fever this remedy is not recommended as the main one because it will be ineffective

- acute ulcerative colitis or pseudomembranous colitis require the adjustment of the dose

- the use of the drug is contraindicated during constipation, abdominal distention, and also children under 6 years old

- if you have allergy to the components included into Imodium it is necessary to replace this medication by another one of the appropriate action.

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