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Inderal (Propranolol)


Inderal is a modern medical product which has a wide-spectrum pharmacological action. Inderal is a rather new drug which has been used recently in medicine but people have already estimated the effectiveness and safety of the action of this strong drug throughout the period when this drug is on the pharmaceutical market.

Inderal is used for the treatment of different diseases such as arterial hypertension, stenocardia, tachycardia, myocardial infarction, essential tremor, anxiety, migraine, increased function of thyroid gland, and glaucoma.

As you see, Inderal has a wide-spectrum action which helps to restore the work of the cardiovascular system and separate systems of the body. As this drug has a wide-spectrum action its usage is made in different situations and in all cases the use of Inderal helps people to cope with severe disorders.

The main action of the drug occurs by means of the active component Propranalol. Propranalol relaxes and calms the work of the heart, removes stress and load of the whole cardiovascular system and protects heart of adrenergic stimulation. Thus Propranalol creates a protective layer of the whole cardiovascular system and relieves all processes which make the work of the heart worse and load this organ.

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Before taking Inderal it is necessary to have a medical examination and make a right diagnosis of your disease. When you know the cause and level of the severity of the disease, you can discuss with your doctor the course of the treatment. The use of Inderal is prescribed individually depending on the disease severity and results of the prior medical examination.

The disease and its site affects the dosage and length of the drug usage. The average recommended dose of Inderal is 20-40 mg 2 times a day. Only your doctor can prescribe the correct dose and indicate the necessary course of the treatment and therefore you should be sure to follow all recommendations of the doctor and then the treatment of your disease will be safe and successful.


The obligatory condition for the use of Inderal is observance of all contraindications to the use. You can gain better result of the drug use if you follow all contraindications.

The contraindications to the use of Inderal are as follows: cardiac conduction disorder, depression, asthma, high sensitivity to the active component, diabetes, period of lactation, and pregnancy.

The observance of all contraindications will reduce the chance to get side effects.

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