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Invega (Paliperidone)


Invega is the registered name for Paliperidone. Invega is an agent of psychotropic. It comes under the chemical derivative class of benzisoxazole The main active ingredient of Invega is Paliperidone. It will not get dissolved in water, hexane or NaoH. Paliperidone will get dissolved in methylene chloride Propylene glycol, povidonecelulose acetate are some of the non active ingredients of Invega. The Invega tablet is available in varying quantities and comes out in different color. For instance, the three milligram Invega tablet is available in white color whereas the 6mg tablet is comes under beige color. The pink color Invega tablet weighs 9mg in quantity

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Researches conducted on animals showed that Invega is not advisable to be given to pregnant ladies as it may cause repercussion and may affect the fetus. The research results conducted on animals are not so precise, because, the behavior of animals widely differs from that of the human being. Hence pregnant ladies are recommended to take the advice of health experts, regarding Invega. The medical experts will analyze the pros and cons of your situation and suggest valuable advice whether to take Invega or not.


Person suffering from dementia relevant psychosis is should not take Invega. Also patients with congenital elongated QT syndrome should stay away from Paliperidone. People with a track record of cardiac arrhythmias also ought to avoid Paliperidone. An unusual heart problem with irregular heart beats is QT interval. This heart disorder causes giddiness and fatigueless. The consequences cause by Invega on QT syndrome patients are blindness, mental depression and mental disorders like schizophrenia. Hence they are not advised to take Invega. If a person is allergic to Paliperidone (Invega), they may go after some antibiotic or antidepressants like gatifloxacin, moxifloxacinoor Erythrocin. Invega should not be given for people with Parkinsonís disease. Parkinsons is a nervous system disorder. People with this disease will have trouble in the movement of their muscles and balance. Old aged people and person taking alcohol are not advised to take Invega. Hence individuals suffering from the above mentioned disorders both physical and mental are advised to take Invega only on the suggestions by their medical doctor.

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