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Kamini Oral Jelly


One of the major causes of erectile dysfunction - alcohol and smoking. Their method leads to vasoconstriction, which are involved in the erection. To restore normal function, you should immediately quit smoking, and alcohol can be taken only occasionally and in small doses. An active lifestyle, a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, as well as Kamini Oral Jelly from time to time, can improve menís sexual performance.

To gain confidence, many men buy drugs, for potency increasing - Kamini Oral Jelly. At crucial moments, this drug can become for you a guarantee of success, will provide an opportunity to believe in yourself. If the taken measures are not enough, contact your doctor. Potency problems are solvable.

What is Kamini Oral Jelly?

Kamini Oral Jelly - a new word of pharmacists in developing drugs that increase the potency, successfully coping with erectile dysfunction. Active ingredient of jelly - the same as that of the popular tablet - sildenafil so properties and efficiency of its action are similar to the original drug.

Kamini Oral Jelly feature is that it has a jelly form. Thanks to it, it is easily and quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. As a result, its action begins in 20-30 minutes after ingestion. In addition, the drug has various tastes. It does not even need to drink water. Multiplicity reception - the same as that of the tablet form - 1 time per day. Dose of the drug is determined individually.

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How does Kamini Oral Jelly work?

Sildenafil significantly increases blood flow in the pelvic area, increasing vitality, sensitivity and arousal in the genitals. It promotes offensive full erection in men and offensive sexual arousal and normal vaginal moisturizing in women.

Indications for use of the drug are obvious - treatment of erectile dysfunction (impotence) in men and anorgasmia in women. In addition, Kamini Oral Jelly can be used to produce more vivid sensations during sexual intercourse. It should be noted that the effect of the drug begins only during sexual stimulation.

Contraindications to Kamini Oral Jelly

Do not take the medicine if you are hypersensitive to any component. It may appear rash, shortness of breath, itching, swelling of the lips and face.

Sildenafil is incompatible with taking drugs, containing nitrates and nitric oxide donators, used to treat angina. The drug causes unwanted strengthening of their effectiveness.

People with such diseases as leukemia, deformity of the penis, sickle cell disease, retinitis pigmentosa (an eye disease), multiple myeloma, stomach ulcers and other diseases that are accompanied by bleeding, should not use Kamini Oral Jelly. Also, donít take Kamini Oral Jelly in combination with other drugs, that are designed to treat erectile dysfunction. With great attention Kamini Oral Jelly should be taken by people, suffering from diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

Dose and side effects of Kamini Oral Jelly The dose of medication is picked by the doctor. Most often, it is 50 mg. Because each organism has individual characteristics, the dose may vary from 25 mg to 100 mg per day. Increasing doses (above 50 mg) may be recommended by a doctor. Take the medicine no more than 1 time a day for half an hour before sexual intercourse, with a little water. The action begins in 30-60 minutes. If his appointment coincides with alcohol, it may be a temporary erectile dysfunction. In case of overdose seek medical attention immediately.

Side effects caused by Kamini Oral Jelly are usually expressed moderately or easily. They can be quickly eliminated. The most frequently occurring is a surge of blood to the face and headache. Rarely disturbed digestion, there is nasal congestion, dizziness, blurred vision, such as high brightness, blurring, color changes. If you notice such effects, reduce the dose of the medication.

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