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Levlen (Levonorgestrel Ethinyl)


Levlen is a generic modification of Postinor, a far-famed drug by Hungarian producer, existing in domestic and foreign markets for more than 20 years. The active substance of Postinor is represented by levonorgestrel. This hormone, which is used in oral contraceptives, is contained in the quantity of 0,75 mg of the hormone - the number is ten times higher than its content in regular birth control pills.

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Pharmacological action

Emergency contraception cannot occur fertilization effect after contact, preventing the egg from the ovary and fertilization by sperm. If the egg is fertilized already, the postcoital contraceptive doesn’t give it birth by attach to the uterine wall. Levlen is able to modify the properties of the endometrium and inhibit implantation. The drug is not effective if the fertilized egg already fixed on the wall of the uterus (implantation has occurred).

Levlen is designed for use in emergency situations only. Torn condom, unprotected sexual intercourse, in case of violence, etc. With the firm belief of pregnancy the medication should be taken as soon as possible. The maximum time after intercourse is equal to 72 hours.


Postinor not have any serious contraindications. As with any pharmaceutical preparation for Postinor is idiosyncrasy. Absolute contraindications - it's severe hepatic and renal failure, age 16 years and pregnancy. If unprotected contact and receive Postinor happened during lactation, feeding should be discontinued for 24 hours.

Side effects

A range of side effects is primarily associated with the drug’s high concentration of hormone and mainly represented by:

- breast tenderness;

- missed period to 7 days (however, if your period does not start within a week - schedule an appointment with a gynecologist). Even if the risk of pregnancy has evolved into pregnancy, Levlen stands out from other abortifacients doctors do not insist on surgical abortion.

- headaches;

- asthenia;

- pain in the abdomen.

Side effects are quite rare, while the effectiveness of the drug reaches 95% if taken immediately after sexual intercourse (administration within 72 hours reduces the efficiency down to 58%).

One of the main distinguishing features of Levlen is that if the woman changed her mind and decided to continue the pregnancy, such a possibility exists. According to clinical data Levlen does not cause irreversible consequences for the health of the child. Levlen cannot be applied more than once a month. If after taking the drug had severe abdominal pain, you should see a doctor to rule out an ectopic pregnancy.

Receiving the drug in large quantities reduces the bioavailability of the medication. Before making a post-coital contraceptive should carefully review the instructions. Many antibiotics, St. John's wort natural preparations, stomach remedies can make the drug ineffective. Levlen can not be attributed to the abortion pill. Since the drug does not interrupt the pregnancy, it prevents its appearance.


Levlen is designed for perioral use. After unprotected intercourse it is recommended to take two tablets within 72 hours. The second tablet is taken not later than 16 hours after the first one. If within three hours after Levlen intake vomiting occurred, it is necessary to take another pill. The use of Levlen possible any day of the menstrual cycle. If your menstrual cycle is irregular, before taking Levlen is necessary to exclude the possibility of pregnancy. After and before the next menstrual period it is recommended to use local barrier contraceptives (cervical cap, condom).

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