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No one is immune from the situation where there is a need for emergency prevention of unintended pregnancy. Today, there are medications, like Levonorgestrel, specifically designed for this purpose. But we can not perceive them as a primary contraceptive. When using these drugs you should not forget the fact that they do not protect you from getting sexually transmitted diseases.

What is Levonorgestrel?

Levonorgestrel - is an oral contraceptive drug for use after copulation. Its operating principle is to slow ovulation in case when you have sex before ovulation, the most possible period for conception. The active component of the drug prevents changes in the tissues of the uterus prior to the introduction of the wall already fertilized egg. The drug modifies the rheological properties of the cervical mucus, making it more dense. In this mucus, the sperm gets stuck and can not move to the egg for fertilization. In the same case, if the tablets are taken too late and the egg has attached itself to the uterine wall, the drug taking is useless. If you use Levonorgestrel strictly according to instructions, the possibility of pregnancy is just one percent.

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The safety of Levonorgestrel in all ages and dosage

Levonorgestrel contraceptive agent can be applied by females of any age group:

- adolescence to early menarche to eighteen - twenty years,

- early reproductive period: from eighteen to thirty-five years,

- late reproductive period from thirty-six to forty-five years old,

- pre-menopausal - from detecting the first signs of menopause for one - two years from the last menstrual period.

Levonorgestrel is used orally, after sex, during forty-eight hours, but not later than seventy-two hours after the act - 0.75 milligrams, and twelve hours later - another 0.75 milligrams. Specialists allow to use no more than two pills every four weeks. In case, after intake in two hours you feel vomiting take one more drug.

Does the drug have contraindications and side effects?

It is forbidden to use Levonorgestrel in hypersensitive to the components of medication, people with ailments of the liver, gall bladder or ducts, jaundice (including those already transferred), and the period of gestation and puberty.

According to manufacturer, it is prohibited the use Levonorgestrel for permanent protection, since it increases the amount of side effects and reduces the activity of the drug. If, after using the drug you will notice bleeding, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible.

Using Levonorgestrel may cause the following side effects:

* allergic reactions, like rash on the body, scabies, swelling of the cheeks and eyelids;

* violations of the gastro-intestinal tract, the most common of which are retching, vomiting and diarrhea itself;

* disruption of the central nervous system in a form of fatigue, migraine pain and poor coordination;

* violation in reproduction organs: fairly common discomfort in the lower abdomen, the appearance of discharge of blood, not related to menstruation, discomfort in the breast, the delay menstruation for five - seven days.

Scientists opinion and patients reviews of Levonorgestrel

A lot of women from various corners of the world have already appreciated the power of this remedy. Despite the fact that Levonorgestrel has side effects, it is believed that a healthy lifestyle and exercise can reduce some of them.

The good thing about using this tool is that it can even be used during breast-feeding, take a break between taking pills and another feeding at least six hours. The drug is completely safe for the fetus, if conception has already occurred. Intake of Levonorgestrel will not cause developmental of disorders.

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