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Liv.52 capsules


According to the WHO for the past 20 years there has been a clear upward trend in the number of liver diseases, causing high mortality all over the world. In today's world the number of patients with various hepatobiliary pathologies is more than 2 billion people. A sharp increase in the number of patients with chronic liver disease have contributed to an increase in the incidence of viral and toxic (alcohol and drug) hepatitis B, as well as a significant increase in the number of patients with obesity and diabetes, which are the main cause of the relatively new nosology - non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Liv.52 capsules - natural hepatoprotective agent

Liv.52 capsules are manufactured by "Drag Himalaya Co." since 1955. More than 300 clinical studies conducted around the world, confirm the efficacy and safety of Liv.52. The materials and data of Liv.52 capsules use, have been published in 23 international editions. Today, the medication is exported to 42 countries.

It is a unique herbal preparation that has no analogues in the world. Based on the 7 medical herbs, it has complex effects on your body, as its components complement and reinforce each other's effect.

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Liv.52 capsules brief info: indications for use, dosage, side effects

The biologically active substances complex of plant origin, that is a part of Liv.52 capsules, normalizes the function of the liver, stimulates the regeneration of liver cells, has a choleretic effect, protects the liver from exposure to toxic substances (alcohol, drugs, etc.), improves the process of digestion.

The most widespread symptoms, where Liv.52 capsules are necessary to be used, in order to achieve effective and safe treatment results include:

- acute and chronic infectious, toxic and drug hepatitis

- liver cirrhosis in adults

- steatosis

- anorexia

- prevention of hepatotoxicity

Dosage and administration of Liv.52 capsules can be taken at home and without necessary medical help. Thus, usually, the drug is taken inside. As a prophylactic agent: 2 tablets 2 times per day. As a therapeutic remedy: for children older than 6 years - 1-2 tablets 2-3 times a day, for adults - 2-3 tablets 2-3 times a day. Treatment is easy and safe, and well tolerated by all patients.

Side effects of Liv.52 capsules were not revealed during various studies. But, still some patients may have allergic reactions and dyspeptic disorder on some herbs of the medication. If you notice something unusual, please, inform your doctor about this.

The benefits of Liv.52 capsules:

* It has a combined hepatoprotective and choleretic effect;

* Improves the contractile function of the gall bladder;

* Prevents the development of toxic, medicinal and alcoholic hepatitis;

* Improves the colloidal composition of bile, prevents the formation of gallstones;

* Improves appetite;

* Promotes accelerated recovery after serious infectious diseases;

* Helps to avoid polypharmacy;

* Has affordable price.

The effectiveness of Liv.52 capsules:

* With infectious and chronic hepatitis:

- normalize the biochemical parameters ( AlAT, AsAT, alkaline phosphatase, bilirubin, etc.);

- stimulates the synthesis of proteins and phospholipids;

- provides a more rapid recovery of liver function.

* With drug liver damage:

- pronounced hepatoprotective effect;

- reducing the risk of cholestasis;

- improved tolerability of chemotherapy.

* With alcoholic liver damage:

- increases the activity of the enzyme, which is involved in the removal of alcohol;

- due to mild diuretic action increases the excretion of alcohol and its metabolites in the urine;

- reduces the severity of hangover effect.

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