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Lopid (Gemfibrozil)


In pharmacology, there are several groups of drugs capable of reducing the level of lipid (organic fats) in the blood: cationic ion exchanging resins (bile acid sequestrants), sterol absorption inhibitors, antioxidants, niacin, statins and fibrates. The last group - a fibric acid derivatives, represent an effective range of drugs that suppress the formation of triglycerides (a variety of lipids) in the liver and accelerate their elimination from the blood.

Fibrates are positioning themselves as a medicine for lowering cholesterol, taking second place after statins. However, comparing these drugs are not entirely correct, since each of them has its own uniqueness and individuality of action in each particular case. Protecting fibrates function of cholesterol varies depending on their kinds, located in a specific classification procedure and having its own characteristics. Lopid is a typical representative of the group, the medication boasting considerable efficiency.

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The effect of the drug

The mechanism of action of these compounds is based on increasing the activity of a particular enzyme - lipoprotein - which cleaves lipoprotein and very low density lipoprotein (LDL, VLDL), preventing the development of atherosclerosis. At the same time the use of fibric acid leads to a certain increase of good cholesterol. Fibrates favor certain types of metabolic processes in the liver, that is vital metabolism, which prevents the growth of LDL.

As a result of the action of Lopid a reduction of 20-50% in triglyceride and 10-15% in cholesterol is admitted. Moreover, as already mentioned, the rise in HDL, which enhances the inner walls of blood arteries provides anti-inflammatory effect on the blood vessels in general.

Years of experience in Lopid clinical trials report of positive impact on patients in a combination with nicotinic acid, which reduces the risk of mortality. If a pharmacological effect is needed to be enhanced Lopid is combined with bile acid sequestrants or statins. There is a number of side effects to be aware of, so the aged should be prescribed Lopid with caution, while a daily dose should be picked up carefully.


The chemical processes in the body material is characterized as follows: the active absorption and bioavailability (extent of digestibility), a wide range of half-life.

The action of Lopid on the body, that is, their pharmacodynamics, takes place due to the reduction in the synthesis of triglycerides, increased activity of cleavage of bad cholesterol and oppression of its formation.

Among the lipid-lowering drugs these drugs have proven themselves as agents for the treatment of low HDL, high triglycerides at somewhat inflated LDL. The drug is selected in a specific pattern with the reception of permanent preparations and substances are often combined with a similar group.

Dosage & administration

According to the instructions Lopid is produced in up to 650 mg pills and capsules. Typically, the daily dosage equals 600 mg two times a day or 900 mg within 1 intake. The medicine is recommended to be to taken half an hour before a meal. The maximum daily dose of 1500 mg. The course is designed for several months with the systematic control of blood lipids.

The drug takes effect in earlier than a week, reaching a maximum therapeutic effect after 1 month. If the reception is omitted, the drug should be taken as quickly as possible; combination with the next dose should be avoided. If necessary, the course can be repeated.

If the body does not respond to Lopid within 3 months, the treatment should be canceled. Upon detection of cholelithiasis the treatment should be discontinued as well.

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