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Lotrel (Amlodipine/Benazepril)


Lotrel improves the blood circulation and lowers the arterial pressure due to which it is widely used for the treatment of the diseases of the cardiovascular system. This drug is a combination of two medications: benazepril hydrochloride and Amlodipine besylate. A combination of these components lead to the faster and stronger pharmacological effect and this helps a patient to effectively lower the arterial pressure. Amlodipine besylate belongs to the group of calcium channel blockers, and benazepril hydrochloride do not influence on the concentration and motion of calcium in the blood. The pharmacological action of benazepril is based on the inhibition of enzymes in extracellular space that matter in the regulation of the blood pressure in the body.

As a matter of fact these two drugs supplement each other and due to this the human body comes under the complex pharmacological influence by the lowering of the arterial pressure.

Lotrel also removes excess water from the body and reduces edema. Moreover, this drug removes surplus of such ingredients as sodium, potassium, calcium affecting the blood pressure as well as the work of the cardiovascular system in general.

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Lotrel is prescribed for the chronic type of the arterial hypertension and for a long consumption.

The most important condition of the drug usage is a detection of the most optimal and effective dosage for each patient individually. A lot of factors influence on the dose: age, weight of patient, his/her clinical picture of the disease, severity and length of hypertension, and also presence of the associated diseases of the cardiovascular system.

- the minimal daily dose of Lotrel is 2,5/10 mg (2,5 mg of Amlodipine and 10 mg of benazepril)

- the maximal daily dose may be 10/40 mg (10 mg of Amlodipine and 40 mg of benazepril)

- the length of the treatment depends on the sensitivity of the body to this drug and effectiveness of the us of the tablets.


- it is better to refuse from the tablets of Lotrel during pregnancy as the active components of this medication may harm fetus and break the process of its development

- if you have an allergy to the components included into this medication, it is better to refuse from its usage as this may lead to the severe side effects

- in case of the severe heart failure, renal/hepatic failure, and diabetes the adjustment of the daily dose is required.

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