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Lukol is a herbal remedy for the stimulation of endometrium and treatment of leucorrhoea symptoms. The symptoms of this disorder (excessive and unusual discharge from the female genitals) tell about the presence of severe infectious diseases which may lead to the unpleasant consequences. Leucorrhoea causes itching, burning and constant sensation of moisture in the area of perineum. A woman feels uncomfortable and other symptoms appear besides this.

Lukol vegetable drug quickly relieves the symptoms of leucorrhoea, or the whites. A mechanism of its action is based on the stimulation of endometrium. It provides an antimicrobial action destroying infection in the mucous membrane of the internals of the female genitals. Also, this remedy helps to improve the blood circulation in uterus and endometrium restoring their complete work. So, a woman gets rid of severe symptoms of the whites within a short period of time and protects her body against severer microbial diseases.

There are a lot of different medications which also help to treat the symptoms of this disorder. But Lukol has a wide range of the advantages. As it has been said it stimulates the functions of the uterus restoring all reproductive functions of the woman. However, the use of this product does not cause any deviations and side effects. Using medications women take chances to face side effects which may harm their body and suing this vegetable remedy there is no negative effect to the body.

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Lukol is released in the tablets which contain vegetable components. This remedy should be taken 2 times a day, one tablet. It is better to take them before meals as there is faster and easy uptake of the active components.

There are no special recommendations for the use of this remedy, however, it is necessary to consult a professional medical specialist if possible and find out about all positive sides of this vegetable extract.

Try not to exceed the daily dose because it is unknown how your body will take high doses of this drug. Besides, taking more high doses the pharmacological effect will not be improved.


In spite of the fact that Lukol is a natural vegetable product it is necessary to consult your doctor if you want to take it during pregnancy.

If you have an allergic reaction during the treatment, it is necessary to terminate the treatment at once and see a doctor.

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