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Medrol (Methylprednisolone)


Medrol is a strong anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive medication which belongs to the group of corticosteroid. According to its pharmacological action this drug is similar to Prednisolone, however it provides a milder action and is not so dangerous for the body of the patient. Unwanted side effects of the body are revealed by the weaker symptoms, and this helps to take this drug with more benefits and efficiency. Also, Medrol shows the antiallergic action and it is actively used for the treatment of the severe forms of hives and bronchial asthma.

Directions for the use:

- hyperplasia of adrenal glands

- arthritis

- diseases of supporting-motor apparatus

- gout

- acute rheumatic carditis

- erythema centrifugum

- dermatomyositis (polymyositis)

- giant cell arteritis

- bullous dermatitis

- mycosis fungoides

- severe psoriasis

- seasonal or year-round allergic rhinitis

- dermatitis

- allergic conjunctivitis

- optic neuritis

- leukemia and lymphoma

These diseases are hard treatable by the common medical remedies and only Medrol can quickly and effectively start the treatment. The pharmacological action of the drug influences on the metabolism, level of glucose in the blood, regulates the work of all vital organs, improves redistribution of the fat tissue in the body.

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Medrol is prescribed only by the qualified health care provider and this medical product must not be taken without the prior consultation with a specialist.

The dosage of the drug depends on the character of the disease and can be changed for each patient in the course of the treatment by several times. Only a doctor who will examine your disease can prescribe an individual effective dose, and he/she will establish how to continue the treatment.

- the initial dose of Medrol contains 12-40 mg per day

- if the drug is well tolerated and there are no side effects, the daily dose can be increased up to 80 mg

- the maximal dose prescribed in case of the cerebral edema is 200-100 mg a day, sclerosis 200 mg a day.

The drug should be taken after the food in the morning. The frequency of the use and the length of the course are prescribed individually.


- in the course of the treatment a control of indications of the functioning of kidney/liver is required;

- the drug must be taken with care in case of the stomach ulcer, gastritis, myasthenia, osteoporosis, psychosis, heart failure, arterial hypertension, chickenpox, and HIV-infection. If you have these diseases, or any other chronic disorders, inform your doctor.

- Do not take Medrol in case of the high sensitivity to the drug components

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