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Melatonin is a medical analog of the basic epiphysis hormone and fulfills a function of the regulator of the diurnal rhythm in our body. Often it is used in the tablets for the relief of falling asleep for the purpose of correction of the internal hours during long-term trips but it can be also used for different disorders of the central nervous system.

These tablets provide adaptogenic, sedative, and soporific action, increases the concentration of serotonin in mesencephalon and hypothalamus, slightly slows down the activity of the central nervous system due to which it helps in the treatment of the depressive disorders and increased excitability.

Melatonin favors the organization of the biological rhythm and normalization of the night sleep. It improves the quality of the sleep, reduces the frequency of headaches, dizziness, and improves the mood. It hastens the process of falling asleep, reduces the frequency of the night awakenings, improves well-being after the morning awakening, does not cause a sensation of flabbiness and fatigue. This favors the improvement of the work of the intellectual functions of the brain.

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The tablets of Melatonin are prescribed patients as a prophylaxis of the depressive conditions of seasonal character, and also for sleep disorders including in the aged people.

Before using this drug it is necessary to consult your attending doctor and find out the individual daily dose. Due to this you will manage to regulate your inner balance and improve your well-being.

- The tablets are taken about 30-40 minutes before sleep

- The initial dose is 1,5-3 mg once a day

- The maximal daily dose should not exceed 6 mg a day and may be prescribed only if the patient does not have contraindications to the use.

- The length of the therapy depends on how quick your body regulates its cycle sleep-wakefulness.


- Pregnant women have to refuse from the use of this drug because its effect to the fetus is not studied completely.

- During the breast-feeding it is better to use the bottle-feeding of a child and then start using the tablets.

- Melatonin is not recommended for children under 12 years old, people with cancer, including leukosis and lymphoma, and also patients with autoimmune diseases because this remedy may increase the disease symptoms stimulating the immune system.

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