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Metrogyl DG (Metronidazole)


Metrogyl DG dental gel is a combined medical product for the treatment of the infectious inflammatory diseases of paradontium and mucous membrane of the mouth cavity. The pharmacological efficiency of the medication is conditioned by the included active ingredients: Metronidazole and Chlorhexidine. Metronidazole is a highly effective antiprotozoal and anti-bacterial remedy affecting anaerobic bacteria which cause paradontium.

Chlorhexidine is an antiseptic and antimicrobial remedy which is effective as for the gram-positive and gram-negative aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. The combination of these two medical products impacts all main microorganisms of the mouth cavity causing inflammation, pain, bleeding of gums, and redness.

Directions for the use of Metrogyl DG dental gel are as follows:

- acute and chronic inflammation of gums (gingivitis)

- acute and chronic inflammation of tissues which surround the tooth

- paradontosis complicated by the inflammation of gums

- stomatitis (appearance of ulcers on the mucous membrane)

- inflammation of the mucous membrane of the mouth cavity while using denture

- inflammation of the mucous membrane, skin and vermilion transitional zone

You will see the reduction of the disease symptoms within the first days of the treatment because the action will start at once, when the drug reaches the area of the microbial affections.

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Metrogyl DG dental gel has a fluid consistence which allows gel to penetrate into the gingival pockets. Moreover, this convenient form gives a patient an opportunity to use the drug for the treatment on his/her own and also prevent the inflammatory diseases of the gums.

Before applying the gel it is necessary to brush your teeth thoroughly and wipe gums with cotton wood ball. Then it is necessary to apply a small amount of gel to the tooth brush and then to gums and interdental spaces. After applying the gel do not rinse your mouth and eat for 30 minutes. A number of the drug application is 2 times a day. The length of the treatment is 7-10 days with the further prophylaxis within 2-4 weeks.


- Metrogyl DG dental gel is contraindicated in case of the individual intolerance of Metronidazole and Chlorhexidine

- Avoid getting the drug into eyes

- The use of the drug is not advisable by pregnant women, however in emergency you can consult your attending physician and take the medication with special directions

- It is better to refuse from the breast feeding during the treatment.

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