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Micardis (Telmisartan)


Micardis is a modern remedy for the treatment of the arterial hypertension. It is prescribed for the prolonged hypertension as it has a prolonged action and is not effective for the sudden reduction of the pressure during hypertensive crisis.

The active component of the drug, Telmisartan, reduces the level of aldosterone in plasma, increases diuresis, removal of the excess amount of sodium and chloride from the body. Patients with arterial hypertension have both low systolic and diastolic arterial pressure without changing the frequency of the heartbeat.

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Micardis effectively reduces arterial pressure but should be taken only under the supervision of the qualified health care provider. Initially, it is necessary to find out a cause of the arterial hypertension, and then reduce the presence of the factors which favor the increase of the pressure. Then the doctor should prescribe you a prescription which should contain recommendations for the treatment, dosage of the drug and also precautions.

- Micardis tablets are taken once per day in the dose of 20-40 mg

- If necessary the daily dose can be increased up to 80 mg

- Hypotension develops in 3 hours after the use and is kept for 24 hours

- The expressed pharmacological effect and stable lowering of the arterial pressure are observed in 4 weeks of the everyday use of the drug


- if you have ever had allergy to the components included in Micardis, or you have allergic reaction during the treatment, it is necessary to terminate the use of the drug and inform your doctor about it

- the use of this remedy is not recommended patients with severe dysfunctions of liver/kidney, obstructions of the bile passages

- the drug is contraindicated during pregnancy. Before the planned pregnancy it is recommended to replace the drug by other safer antihypertensive remedies

- while taking Micardis it is necessary to terminate the breast-feeding

As for the side effects they may appear only by the overdose, or individual intolerance of the medication. However, the observance of the precautions will help to provide high safety of the pharmacological action.

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