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Micronase (Glyburide)


Glyburide, Micronase main active substance, decreases the glucose level in blood intensely by enhancing the production of insulin excreted by pancreas, the impact achieved after working pancreatic islets beta cells. The exact course of action through which glyburide decreases blood glucose level remains to be an object of debates. As for the patients suffering from Type II diabetes, the fact should be underlined that glucose decreasing impact is maintained regardless of a continuous insulin secretory decrease reaction to the medication.

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Pharmacological action

Extrapancreatic impacts may be included in the component of sulfonylurea hypoglycemic medications activity. A simultaneous use of glyburide with such remedies as metformin may offer an improved result, as both remedies aim at enhancing glucose resistance by distinctive yet corresponding components. A few patients who are at first receptive to oral hypoglycemic medications, including Micronase, may get to be lethargic or ineffectively responsive over the long run. On the other hand, the preparation tablets may demonstrate a positive effect in those patients who had no success with an array of other sulfonylurea drugs.

A single dosage intake studies in average patients show critical ingestion of glyburide within the first hour after reception, the highest concentration is achieved during four hours, while low yet still noticeable levels are monitored within 24 hours. Various dosage investigations in those suffering from diabetes patients show medication level fixation time bends like single measurements studies, showing no development of medication in tissues. The glyburide degeneration in the serum of ordinary sound people is characterized by a biphasic natural; a terminal half-life is taking around 10+ hours. As for a single measurement studies in fasting typical subjects, the level and span of blood glucose bringing is relative down to the dosage controlled and to the region under the medication level focus time bend. Under states of rehashed organization in diabetic patients, notwithstanding, there is no dependable connection between blood medication levels and accelerating glucose concentration. A 12 months trial conducted with diabetes individuals undergone a Micronase course demonstrated no solid connection between controlled dosage and serum medication level.

Administration methods

The remedy is prescribed for perioral use, without chewing, with a small amount of liquid (preferably water). The daily dose is adjusted individually, depending on the age, severity of diabetes, hyperglycemia level, and is usually recommended at a range of 1.25 - 20 mg (initial dose varies in the range of 2 - 5mg, while the maximum dosage per 24 hours must not exceed 25mg), which is prescribed in one, two or three receptions for 30-60 minutes (micronized form for 10-15 minutes) before a meal. With little effect can also be combined with a biguanide and insulin.

Overcoming side effects

In mild cases - an immediate reception of sweet hot tea, fruit juice, corn syrup, honey is recommended. As for the severe cases - the intravenous introduction of a 50% glucose solution (50 ml), taking 5-10% dextrose glucagon infusion and 1-2 mg diazoxide of 200 mg every 4 hours or 30 mg / in for 30 minutes; cerebral edema - mannitol and dexamethasone; observing glucose level every 15 minutes, as well as determining pH, BUN, creatinine, electrolytes is obligatory.

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