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Mycelex-g (Clotrimazole)


The advantage of Mycelex-g, based on the time-tested clotrimazole, in candidiasis treatment is that the drug has certain antibiotic properties, which allows its use in mixed forms of thrush, candida fungi developed in conjunction with Trichomonas, Corynebacterium, streptococci and staphylococci. This is important since the use of antibiotics may stimulate the development of Candida through destroying microflora; while Mycelex-g provides no antibacterial, but antifungal action.

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Indications for use

In general, Clotrimazole in women candidiasis treatment is applied in all existing forms of release: vaginal pills (Mycelex-g), ointments and creams. However, it should take into account that not only women but also men are subjected to fungal infection, with the latter most often are carriers of candida (in this case males usually complain of dryness and itching of the penis).


Methods of application of clotrimazole depends on the what of release of the drug prescribed by a doctor. So, ointments and intravaginal pills - Mycelex-g can be appointmented to women to treat candidiasis; the preparation should be used between menstrual cycles with a break during menstruation.

As for the rest, when taking clotrimazole, instruction from yeast or other fungal diseases, boils down to this: a cream and ointment should be applied to affected areas with a thin layer, then smooth movements rub it into the skin. The procedure is repeated 3 times a day at regular intervals for 4 weeks. As for how to use Clotrimazole for thrush in the vagina, then there is instruction on the application advises the woman to put a candle into vagina before sleep, and use the cream for the perineum and vulva. Before combining the drug with other drugs, should consult a doctor, as in the instructions given to him clearly about the decrease in efficiency while reception with polyene antifungal drugs.

Mycelex-g application

The preparation is prescribed to the patient after the test results confirm a fungal infection of the genitals. Clotrimazole suppositories according to the instructions for thrush are only suitable for use to women with vaginal candidiasis. Mycelex-g candles may be prescribed for the prevention of the disease after surgery or rehabilitation. In this case, the candles should be applied before surgery.

In the treatment of candidiasis it is better to use these candles in the evening during 6 - 10 days, entering the candle as deeply as possible into the vagina as follows:

- the first day of vaginal tablets are administered at a concentration of 500mg;

- the second to fourth - candles 200mg;

- from the fifth to the tenth - 100mg of the drug.

In most cases, candles combined with a cream or ointment topically, and with a course of immunotherapy, which will improve the barrier function of the body.

Contraindications during pregnancy

Although the preparation has a local effect and minimal probability of getting the active ingredients of candles in the bloodstream, the use of clotrimazole is contraindicated in the first trimester of pregnancy. In the second and third trimesters the use of the drug requires gynecological monitoring.

Hypersensitivity to components of clotrimazole, which is expressed in a strong itching and burning in the genital tract. It is worth noting that a little discomfort in the beginning of the course is not a condition for withdrawal of the drug. Frequent urination and a slight burning sensation in the vagina are the common side effects.


Judging by hundreds of positive reviews, Mycelex-g eliminates the unpleasant symptoms of candidiasis and other fungal diseases really quickly and effectively during pregnancy. However, in the event of altered hormonal background during pregnancy curing the disease completely is almost impossible: the cells of the fungus, the pathogen disease still remains in a woman's body. Nevertheless, candles bring significant relief and comfort.

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