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Mysoline (Primidone)


Mysoline is an antiepileptic medical product from the pharmacological group of barbiturate. The active component of the drug Primidon is one of the most effective medications for the treatment of epilepsy. Its advantage consists in that the chemical modification of its molecule has lead to the receipt of the drug with strong anticonvulsive action and less soporific effect. This way, a molecular formula of Mysoline differs from the identical remedies, and it means that it helps to cope with those types of epilepsy which are not treatable by other medical drugs.

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Directions for the use of Mysoline

- epilepsy of different genesis

- convulsive attacks

- essential tremor

- akinetic attacks

- psychomotor epilepsy

Pharmacological action

Mysoline provides an anticonvulsive and ill-defined soporific effect and this gives an opportunity to broaden the spectrum of the drug use in persons who perform potentially dangerous type of the activity (driving). The mechanism of the action of Mysoline is characterized by the lowering of the irritability of neurons in the epileptogenic center. The patient has to constantly maintain a certain concentration of the drug in the blood because this will allow not only restrain the central nervous system but also weaken attacks in case of their attack.


- Mysoline should be prescribed by a qualified attending doctor. Do not start the treatment independently because only the optimally selected dosage regimen and individual recommendations in the setting of the clinical examination may help you to relieve the symptoms of the epilepsy and prevent numerous attacks.

- The average initial single dose of Mysoline is 125 mg per day.

- In 3 days of the therapy the dose should be increased by 125 mg and it is needed to do it every 3 days up to 500 mg per day.

- Then if the side reactions are absent, the dose is increased by 250 mg every three days to gain the optimal therapeutic effect.

- The maximal daily dose of Mysoline for adults is 1,5 g, and for children is 1 g.

- The tablets of Mysoline should be taken orally after meals in the evening in order to eliminate the excitability of the central nervous system at night.

- Children may divide the maximal daily dose into 2 uses (in the morning and evening)

- The length of the therapy is determined by the individual clinical image of the patient and efficiency of the therapy.


- Mysoline may be contraindicated for the use for patients who are diagnosed diseases of liver and/or kidney, diseases of the system of the blood formation, increased sensitivity to the active component Primidon, or other non-active component in the process of the clinical study.

- It is needed to refuse from the use of Mysoline during pregnancy because its active components may provide a direct influence on the formation of the fetus and appearance of the congenital anomaly.

- The cessation of the drug and its replacement is done gradually. The development of the medical addiction is possible during the long-term use. Therefore, doctors recommend making periodical breaks in the treatment.

- If the drug is needed in the period of the lactation, it is necessary to solve the question about the termination of the breast-feeding.

Possible side effects

The side effects of Mysoline may be not noticed if all recommendations for the use are followed. This is a standard reaction of the body to the action of the strong drug.

The possible side effects while taking of Mysoline are: light sleepiness, apathy, dizziness, headache, psychotic reactions, ataxy, nausea, and vomiting. During these side effects the medical intervention is not needed and they usually pass within the first days of therapy. However, if you experience allergic reaction in the setting of the use of Mysoline, it is needed to consult the attending doctor right away.

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