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Naltrexone is a prescription that obstructs the opioids drug effects. Initially it was treated for opioid reliance. But in recent it has been recognized by the FDA for alcohol treatment. The outcome of clinical researches show that person treated with Naltrexone had remained a teetotaler .and had abstained from alchol.On the other hand person treated with inactive pill called placebo does not show effective rersults like Naltrexone. Drug offers three types of treatment related to alcoholism Revia minimizes the tendency to yearn for Alchol... It makes the patient to stay away from alcohol. Naltrexone keeps the patient under control without any side effects. He will be on his own.

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Alcohol reliance treatment

Adhere to the guidelines as suggested by your doctor for taking this drug. A normal dosage of 50mg of Naltrexone is given for patients. Primarily the treatment is suggested for three months. The clinical personnel’s and patients can interact and assess the further course of treatment based on the developments shown by the patient.

Opioid reliance treatment

Unless the the patients stays opioid for 7 to 10 days, the treatment should not be started. The healing can be commenced with 25 mg of Naltrexone as a starting dosage. If there are no indication signs of withdrawal, then the dosage can be appended to 50mg of Naltrexone.


If a person show’s any symptoms of allergy due to any of Naltrexone’s ingredient, then he or she should discontinue taking Revia. Likewise if the patient is suffering from any kidney problem, he should stay away from Naltrexone. Also the drug should not be given to any pregnant ladies as it will cause damage to the womb. Naltrexone should not be administered to lactating woman because, its medicinal effects gets spread through the breast milk and may cause detrimental damage to the new born infants. Naltrexone should not be given to elderly people. Since the immune power gets faded as years go by the person goes frail. Hence heavy dose drugs should not e given to those old people as it may cause side effects and damage their health.

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