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Nebivolol (Nubeta/Bystolic)


For the last years a medical product Nebivolol has become especially popular in the treatment of the cardiovascular diseases. This drug is a medication of the broad-spectrum action the pharmacological activity of which is directed at the improvement of the cardiovascular system work and lowering of the arterial pressure. Nebivolol is a highly effective hypotensive, antianginal, and antiarrhythmicmedical product. It shows a powerful relaxing effect of the smooth muscles in the walls of the blood vessels. As a result there is a dilation of the lumen of vessels.

This drug reduces a heart rate and lowers the arterial pressure at rest and by the load in patients with a normal pressure as well as arterial hypertension. The optimal hypertensive action appears in 1-2 weeks of the treatment and keeps at the prolonged therapy. In some clinical cases the maximal effect is gained in 4 weeks.

Directions for the use:

- arterial hypertension

- ischemic heart disease

- stenocardia

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It is better to start the treatment according to the recommendations of the health care provider. It is necessary for a guarantee of the maximal effect of the treatment and high safety. Before taking the medication it is necessary to make sure that your diagnosis needs a medical intervention and this medical product is suitable for you. When you get a prescription with recommendations and dosage, you can start the treatment and improve your condition.

- the tablets of Nebivolol are indicated for the peroral use at the same time of the day. It is better to take a medication in the evening during or after eating taking a small amount of water

- the average dose for adult patient is 5 mg once a day

- patients with renal failure and patients at the age of 65 years and over should reduce the daily dose by two times up to 2,5 mg per day. If necessary the dose can be increased but only under the supervision of the attending doctor.


- the contraindications for the use include: high sensitivity of Nebivolol, severe diseases of liver and hepatic failure, and also pregnancy and period of lactation

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