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Nevirapine (Viramune)


Nevirapine is a modern antiviral drug which is used as a part of the antiretroviral therapy. In 2005 this drug was approved by FDA. According to the pharmacological activity it belongs to the group of the reverse transcriptase inhibitors HIV-1. Its mechanism of the action consists in the termination of the development of HIV by means of the termination of the work of the reverse transcriptase inhibitor. This enzyme changes the genetic material of HIV (RNA) into DNA form because of which virus quickly develops. Due to the fast start of the action of Nevirapine the patients have an opportunity to stop the development of the disease and relieve the symptoms of HIV. In combination with other antiretroviral medical products it reduces the viral load.

A single dose of this drug taking by the woman who is in labor is an effective intervention considerably reducing the probability of the vertical transfer of HIV. However, in the course of the clinical studies of the drug the scientists have found out that a lot of women developed resistance to the active components of Nevirapine in case of the single use of the drug, and so it may be transferred to the unborn child.

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Before the treatment it is necessary to have all needed analyses and consult your doctor in charge. Nevirapine is available in tablets of 200 mg. They should be taken orally regardless of the meals.

- The initial dose is 200 mg a day within two weeks with the further increase of the dose.

- The maximal daily dose is 400 mg in two uses (in the morning and evening)

- Patients who have got the manifestations of the toxicity in the period of the treatment are prescribed the termination of the treatment until their complete disappearance with the further prescription of the dose lower by two times than the previous one.

- The length of the treatment is indicated for each patient individually.


- Contraindications for the use of Nevirapine are severe hepatic failure, hypersensitivity, and medical hepatitis.

- It is recommended to have the current control of the rates of the functional conditions of the liver within 8 weeks after the beginning of the treatment.

- The medication is not prohibited for the use during pregnancy.

- In case of the allergic reaction, or expressed side effects it is necessary to terminate the treatment and go to your doctor for consultation.

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