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Originally designed in Sweden Nicorette is all about a nicotine replacement therapy. Available as chewing gums, Nicorette has such a small ‘cigarette-like’ effect on the human body, because when applied it irritates nicotinic receptors in the brain that cause reactions similar to those that occur in the body when smoking.

The advantage of the use of this drug is to eliminate one of the most dangerous components of cigarette smoking, inhaled with the smoke. This prevents the body from harmful substances contained in the smoke.

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How it works?

Since the brain reacts with the desired receptors, Nicorette prevents the emergence of withdrawal symptoms, the so-called ‘breaks’. However, the continuing attachment to nicotine is a drawback of the product. This tool is a perfect option when it comes to getting rid of bad habits completely, and used successfully by those who are not going to give up smoking altogether, but just wants to smoke less.

Nicorette gum is chewed and then placed under the tongue, where it is gradually dissolved by saliva. Contained in the gum nicotine gets into the blood via the oral mucosa. Less than 5% falls on the main active ingredient binding to plasma proteins. Therefore, simultaneous administration of other drugs, as well as changes in the amount of protein in the blood caused by disturbances in the body, do not affect the kinetics of nicotine.

The active substance is metabolized in organs such as the lungs and kidneys, and liver and appears in the urine. As long Nicorette is dissolved by placing the tablet under the tongue, will have to wait about half an hour, until it is completely dissolved. In the initial stages of treatment, some patients reported discomfort in the mouth and throat, which will eventually disappear.

How should I take Nicorette?

Depending on how a person addicted to nicotine the initial dose is determined. Typically, in the event of non-significant dependence a gum per day is prescribed. In severe dependence, as well as those who are not able to overcome the nicotine dependence using Nicorette 1 tablet (2 mg), the dose is increased to 2 tablets 2 mg. In the initial stages of therapy, tablets take 1-2 hours (total of 8-12 tablets per day). Receiving 30 mg tablets for 2 days strictly prohibited.

To achieve results, the drug is used at least 3 months, after which the number of tablets consumed gradually reduced. The treatment is stopped after the use of gums is reduced to 1-2 pieces per day.

In order to smoke fewer cigarettes, Nicorette gums can be used in between. Consult your doctor if after 1,5 months treatment you’ve been unable to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked. Consultation with a specialist is also required in the event that the first 9 months of treatment if you was not able to get rid of the bad habit.


Do not take Nicorette longer than 12 months. To minimize the risk of resumption of habit, some patients may require the extension of the course of treatment. To cope with the cravings that can spontaneously occur you should always have on hand a few pills of the drug even after the end of therapy. The effectiveness of treatment increases with regular observations by a doctor and the necessary psychological support.

The use of this tool is recommended in those cases where, for whatever reason, we have to give up smoking just because of certain circumstances, for a while, but exceed the specified daily dose is unacceptable, because it can provoke symptoms of overdose.

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