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Nimesulide (Mesulide)


Among the majority of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), Nimesulide Gel takes special place. This drug was produced for sale in 1980 and quickly conquered trust of many people all over the world. This drug is used for treatment of arthritis of different genesis, osteoarthritis, bursitis, musculoskeletal system, and also other disease which provoke general symptoms: inflammatory, pain, fever.

Nimesulide Gel quickly penetrates through skin and reach directly the focus of inflammation, reducing severe fever and pain. According that this drug is not included to corticosteroids, it pharmacological action is significantly safer. This drug rarely provokes dangerous side effects, and it is due to medical form in form of gel that is applied to skin.

Analgesic effect begins his action about 20-25 minutes after applying drug to stricken hearth, that’s why it can be sued as emergency analgesic.

Nimesulide Gel as the majority drugs of his group (NSAIDs) take part in activity of ferments, synthesizing prostaglandins. Action of drug actively reduces platelet aggregation.

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For treatment of chronic diseases connected to musculoskeletal system, it is needed to identify an individual dose. To make it, you should ask for help a medical worker that will prescribe the course of treatment and all recommendations for drug’s use.

Nimesulide Gel is used outer. Gel is applied by thin layer on injured place of skin and slightly rubbing. This procedure is needed to be done 3-4 times in a day. It is not obligatory to rub the gel till the full disappearance from skin. Also, it is not recommended to impose special bandages on this part of the skin. Despite that, Nimesulide Gel has almost immediate pharmacological effect; the effectiveness of treatment in case of chronic diseases should be estimated after month of daily drug’s use.


• In time of pregnancy and in period of lactation, it is needed to stop the gel’s use. Active components of drug can penetrate through the skin and to harm the health of the baby.

• It is forbidden to use Nimesulide Gel in case of allergy on all components of drug, or on acetylsalicylic acid.

• With appearance of slight side effects: irritation of skin, allergy, it is needed to stop for some time the gel’s use.

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