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Nimotop (Nimodipine)


Nimotop is an anti-ischemic and vasodilating medical product. It is used for the prevention and arresting spasms of the vessels of the brain during chronic diseases as well as using different vasodilating medical products. It improves a stability and functional ability of the neurons, memory, and ability to the concentration of the attention. A positive effect of the drug consists in that it provides a considerable effect on the systemic arterial pressure even in spite of the work changes of the vessels of the brain. Nimotop has psychotropic and neurotropic properties and different clinical studies testify its positive effect on the personality and behavioral reactions.

Indications for the use:

- prevention of the spasms of the brain vessels

- treatment of the ischemic disorders of the cerebral circulation

- worsening of the memory and ability of the concentration of the attention, disorder of the attention concentration

- psychoemotional lability in patients of the senior age with the expressed cerebral disorders

This remedy helps not only to improve the conductivity of the vessels but also activates almost all sections of the brain filling them with nutrients and causing their powerful activity and efficiency.

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The dosage of Nimotop depends on the type and character of the disease. To find out an accurate diagnosis it is necessary to have all needed clinical analyses and consult a specialist. On the basis of the indications of the medical study the doctor will be able to prescribe the necessary course of the treatment and dose.

- The tablets are taken orally without chewing it, with plenty of liquid, regardless of eating

- The recommended dose is one tablets 3 times per day

- If necessary the dose can be increased but only according to the doctor’s recommendations

- The maximal daily dose is 6 tablets of Nimotop

- The length of the therapy is indicated individually based on the health condition of the patient but the course of the treatment usually is not less than 7-10 days


- The drug is prescribed with caution in case of the generalized edema of the brain tissues, increased intracranial pressure and arterial hypotension

- If the condition becomes worse, it is necessary to reduce the dose or cancel the drug

- Nimotop may affect the ability of driving because of the possible development of dizziness

- The use of the drug requires a careful estimation of the factors of benefits and risks during pregnancy taking into account the severity of the clinical image.

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