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Nizagara is a pharmacological stimulant of the erectile function used for the treatment of the different types of the erectile dysfunction. This drug contains an active ingredient Sildenafil. Nizagara is one of Generics Viagra and has completely identical pharmacological characteristics. Nizagara may differ from the brand Viagra only by the appearance of the pills and a lower cost.

The mechanism of the action of Nizagara consists in the stimulation of the natural biochemical processes in the male body which happen during the sexual arousal. Sildenafil citrate enhances a production of nitrogen oxide and provides a vasodilating action to the blood vessels in the organs of the small pelvis.

Nizagara acts only to the physiological processes and does not cause a psychological and/or medical addiction even during the prolonged use. The action of Nizagara is reversible and lasts for just 4-5 hours. When the process of the excretion of sildenafil from the body occurs, it loses its pharmacological characteristics and cannot stimulate an erectile function properly. A man will be able to have several sexual intercourses within 4-5 hours. Nizagara reduces a eriod of the recovery between the sexual intercourses and causes an intense blood flow to the penis and erection. As Nizagara does not contains male sexual hormones or other ingredients increasing libido, it is pointless to take it as an aphrodisiac.

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Indications for the use

- treatment and prevention of the erectile dysfunction of the different origin in men over 18 years old

Usage and doses

As the period of the action of Nizagara is just 4-5 hours, the pills should be used before having sex, 40-50 minutes before it. It is better to take Nizagara on an empty stomach, with a full glass of water. If the medicine is taken after dinner and consumed fatty food, the speed of the onset of the effect will slow down by 1,5-2 hours. The standard therapeutic dose of Nizagara is 100 mg. This is a maximal daily dose which will improve erection and give an opportunity to have several sexual intercourses within entire night.

If using Nizagara 100 mg causes unpleasant side effects, the daily dose can be reduced up to 50 mg. This will help to lower the intensity of the side effects.


- do not take Nizagara with medicine which contains organic nitrates or nitroglycerine. In case of the interaction of Sildenafil with nitrates, there is an increase of the hypotensive action and nonreversible side effects including death are possible
- in case of the simultaneous use of Nizagara with ethanol, there is a chance of the side effects in the digestion system and sin allergic reaction
- if you have any diseases of the cardiovascular system, liver or kidneys, consult a doctor or pharmacist before using Nizagara
- in case of the physiological deformation of penis, the use of the drug may be contraindicated. An intense blood flow to penis will cause painful microbreak of tissues, and this will worsen the erectile dysfunction

Side Effects

The use of Nizagara may be accompanied by the light side effects: migraine, dizziness, redness of the face, pain in the back and chest, rapid heartbeat, high intraocular pressure, nausea, and vomiting. The side effects of Nizagara often appear in men who take this medicine for the first time. The side effect completely pass during the regular prolonged use of the pills. The side effects may be avoided if a daily dose is correct and Nizagara is not used with alcohol and other donators of the nitrogen oxide.

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