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Nootropil (Piracetam)


Nootropil relates to a nootropic drug group; the medication directly affects the state of the brain. Under the influence of nootropil metabolic reactions and blood circulation are improved. The preparation does not affect the state of the vessels. In addition, it also affects the blood condition: due to changes in a number of parameters, the drug improves blood flow; the vessels of the brain receive more oxygen, thus, making the brain work more efficiently. Furthermore, Nootropil provides action on brain nervous tissues, improving their conductivity. Nerve impulses quickly reach the desired location, boosting the efficiency of the brain.

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Nootropil: indications for use

The remedy is referred to the group of broad action preparations. The medication is oftentimes administered to treat brain cells intoxication, provoked by systematic alcohol use and drug poisoning. The pills are prescribed in alcohol dependence treatment to smoothen the syndrome of breaking brain cells during recovery.

The complicated process of brain recovery from comatose states may also be accelerated due to nootropil course. The medication demonstrates unmatched efficiency in reactivating the natural processes in the elderly, including blood and oxygen supply of the brain, thus minimizing a number of issues caused by aging. The Alzheimer's disease senile dementia or temporary disorders negative manifestations may be smoothen due to nootropil. The people with organic mental disorders, patients with a variety of diseases associated with impairment of brain function may also be prescribed the drug course. The medication is also prescribed to enhance memory capabilities, stimulating nervous system and boosting the brain functioning. The preparation is out of the World Anti-Doping list, meaning that the sportsmen may add it to the training programs; the drug is oftentimes prescribed to individuals subjected to stress on a regular basis.

The numerous laboratory experiments on animals show that nootropil has no toxic effect on the body: the poisoning affect has been registered in case of huge overdose.

Nootropil dosage

The dosage depends primarily on the type of disease to be treated. In some cases, the drug is prescribed for a couple of weeks as a prophylaxis complex of measures. When it comes to severe cases, the medication course may last for six months or even longer.

The prolonged nootropil treatment may have a negative impact on kidneys; therefore, if a long-term course is assigned or the medication is prescribed to elderly patients, the kidneys condition is needed to be regularly monitored. The volume of preparation may be adjusted depending on the reaction and tolerability. If the case doesn?t apply to emergency care, the treatment is usually started with a low dose and gets gradually increased. The abrupt changes in dosage must be avoided. Thus, the reduction in the amount of pills should also be gradual.

Nootropil contraindications

A major advantage of the preparation consists in its relatively mild effect on the body; nootropil has virtually no contraindications. However, the medication is typically not prescribed during pregnancy and breastfeeding periods. Infants under two years and those patients suffering individual intolerance must also avoid taking the medicine. Nootropil may interact with a variety of medicines and dietary supplements; however, one should consult a treating doctor before taking the medicine simultaneously with any remedies.

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