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Norflex (Orphenadrine)


Study of muscle relaxants has led to the conclusion, that they help to remove back pain as NSAIDs, but cause drowsiness in 30 % of people taking them, thus, they are infrequently appointed. Muscle relaxants, like Norflex, help especially when stretched muscles and associated spasms. According to recent studies of health organization of Washington State, the use of NSAIDs in combination with muscle relaxants is most effective in the treatment of acute back pain. Muscle relaxants can also shoot chronic back pain, which appears due to muscle tension, that restricts movement.

The combination of NSAIDs and muscle relaxant Norflex effectively helps to stop pain and spasmodic cycle. It is characterized by muscle pain, which is aggravated by muscle spasms, causing more pain and more spasms. Painkiller and muscle relaxant Norflex is actively involved in treating both components of the cycle.

What is Norflex?

Orphenadrine or generic Norflex - a drug that reduces muscular spasms and is mostly used to treat all kinds of parkinson disease. As a rule, it is appointed orally or intravenously. Among possible side effects are: dry mouth, blurred vision and difficulty urinating.

Norflex is indicated to cope with painful muscle spasm in diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system and tetanus, as well as in parkinson disease.

The dose of Norflex is indicated individually, but instruction list show the average doses for adults.

To get rid off muscle spasm, take 100 mg of Norflex inside 2 times a day.

People with Parkinsonism are prescribed of 50 mg 3 times a day.

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Action of Norflex

Effect of the drug occurs in about 2 hours. Side effects are mainly observed at high doses and in elderly patients in a form of fatigue, drowsiness, ataxia, dry mouth, cramps, dysuria, decrease or increase in libido, rash, lightheadedness, forgetfulness, poor concentration of attention, euphoria, weakness, apathy, sluggishness. Sometimes the sudden withdrawal of high Norflex doses after prolonged use it, may cause depression, irritability, loss or increase of appetite, sometimes.

Contraindications to take the drug include: acute alcohol and drugs intoxication, liver and kidney disease, myasthenia gravis. This medication is harmful to a nursing mother. It should be borne in mind that Norflex potentiates the effect of alcohol. When addiction to the drug, patients are observed euphoria, reduced criticality. In some cases, Norflex, in combination with phenelzine, is used in fear syndrome and in combination with imipramine - with agitated depression.

Norflex and modern approaches to the treatment of spasticity

Spasticity in conjunction with paresis is one of the most common neurological syndromes and is caused by destruction of descending supraspinal or spinal motor systems with mandatory involvement of corticospinal tract. Development of spasticity greatly reduces the functional activity and increases disability of patients, worsening their quality of life. In this regard, the study of the pathogenesis of spasticity lead to the development of new approaches to its pathogenetic treatment.

With current advances in neurochemistry and neurophysiology, spasticity can be considered as a result of violations of the interaction of various supraspinal and spinal neurotransmitter systems, associated with the central lesion and subsequent adaptive changes of all the structures, involved in the generation and regulation of movements.

Norflex - skeletal muscle relaxant of central action, which activates a2- adrenergic receptors, inhibits the release of excitatory neurotransmitters from afferent projections and interneurons. Norflex is proved to be effective in acute painful muscle spasm, as well as, in spinal spasticity of chronic and cerebral origin. It reduces the resistance to passive movements, reduces spasms and clonic convulsions and increases skeletal muscle contractions.

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