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Omeprazole (Sodium Bicarbonate)


Omeprazole is combined drug that regulates motor function of gastrointestinal tract and inhibits section of hydrochloric acid. It is used for treatment of stomach ulcer and duodenal. It has quick pharmacologic action which is characterized by oppression of stomach acid section, by way of proton pump inhibition. It reduces basal and stimulated section independently from the nature of irritator. For effective reducing of day and night stomach acid section, 1 dose of Omeprazole is enough. Drug is prescribed for treatment and prevention of ulcer diseases of stomach and duodenal recidivists, hypersecretory conditions as ulcers of gastrointestinal tract because of stress, Zolliger-Ellison syndrome, mastocytosis.

Given drug is also has slight bactericidal anti-microbial action, against some kinds of microorganism. Simultaneous use of this medication and antibiotics allows quickly arresting symptoms of disease, to reach high stage of recovering of damaged mucosa and to reduce bleeding from gastrointestinal tract.

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Use of drug is able only after diagnosis of disease and managing of all required analysis in medical facility. On base of received data, doctor can identify picture of disease and will prescribe optimal, effective and safe treatment.

In case of ulcer diseases and NSAID-gastropathy treatment, it is recommended to use 20mg 1 time a day

Petients with severe disease progress are needed to increase day dose till 40mg.

Course of treatment with ulcer disease and duodenal is 2-3 weeks. In case of significant result absence, duration of treatment can be increased till 5 weeks.


Before beginning of therapy is needed to exclude the presence of malignant process, because treatment can cover severe disease.

Omeprazole is contradicted in case of hypersensitivity to substances which are included in drug contain.

Categorically is forbidden using the drug by children, pregnant women.

In time of lactation, tablets of Omeprazole can be used only in case if children can be transferred on synthetic feeding.

Consult with doctor and tell him if you have some chronic disease of liver\kidney.

In case of side effect appearance, it is needed to consult with attending doctor.

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