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ZINC   more info

Zinc is a supplement that is available in the form of tablets, capsules, and extended release tablets. This supplement is used for treating zinc deficiency.

MODALERT   more info

Modalert is a drug that is used to treat people with sleep disorders. This drug enables them to keep alert without sleeping.

ELOCON   more info

Elocon is the brand name for the generic drug Mometasone which is used topically to treat itching and inflammation that is caused due to allergies, psoriasis and eczema.

MENTAT PILLS   more info

At different mental disorders the newest medical product MentatPills will help you. This medicine is a stabilizer of the nervous system activity and used for the improvement of the brain work.

BECADEXAMIN   more info

Becadexamin is a vitamin and mineral complex used for the prophylaxis of health and improvement of the immunity.

CHANTIX   more info

Chantix is a drug that helps to refuse from the dependence on tobacco smoking.


Neurobion Forte (B1+B6+B12) is a complex vitamin drug containing water-soluble vitamins of the group B.

VITAMIN E   more info

Vitamin E is a liposoluble antioxidant which is one of the most important elements in our body.

ZERO NICOTINE   more info

Zero Nicotine is an innovative antismoking dietary supplement which is indicated for those people who want quickly to give up smoking without any psychological effect to the brain and central nervous system.

100% PURE OKINAWAN CALCIUM   more info

Calcium, as most of us know, is fundamental in the construction and maintenance of our teeth and bones. However its function in the human body is not limited to these alone.

FOLIC ACID(VITAMIN B9)   more info

Folic acid has a series of essential functions in the body: it is highly important for the correct functioning of the brain, it aids the body produce red blood cells.

FOLIC ACID(VITAMIN B9)   more info

Folic acid has a series of essential functions in the body: it is highly important for the correct functioning of the brain, it aids the body produce red blood cells.

SILIBININ   more info

The drug can be used not only for the treatment of cirrhosis of the liver, but also in the control of acute and chronic forms of various pathogenic hepatitis.

OTIBACT   more info

Enrofloxacin or generic Otibact is a hydrochloride chemotherapeutic preparation, that refers to a group of fluroquinolone. It is intended only for veterinary use.

LIV.52   more info

Liv.52 capsules - natural hepatoprotective agent .Liv.52 capsules are manufactured by "Drag Himalaya Co." since 1955. More than 300 clinical studies conducted around the world, confirm the efficacy and safety of Liv.52.

VITAMIN C   more info

This is the most prominent and accessible vitamin. It contains in a large quantities of fresh vegetables and fruits. Most rich in this type of vitamin are rose hips and black currants. The daily dose, needed for adult is in 30 black currants or 10 hips.


Anti-Stress Massage Oil not only makes massage easier and more pleasant, but also has many useful properties, which fosters the health of the whole organism.

TRAVOPROST   more info

Travoprost - a new prostaglandin, which has won popularity among doctor and patients with glaucoma. Increased intraocular pressure (IOP) has been proved to be the leading risk factor in the development of such unpleasant eye condition.

NICORETTE   more info

Originally designed in Sweden Nicorette is all about a nicotine replacement therapy. Available as chewing gums, Nicorette has such a small Ďcigarette-likeí effect on the human body, because when applied it irritates nicotinic receptors in the brain that cause reactions similar to those that occur in the body when smoking.

ZINCOVIT   more info

Zincovit is a biologically active food supplement with a high content of zinc, vitamin C and propolis. Zinc is an essential mineral found in an overwhelming majority of enzymes.

DAFLON   more info

The drug is a complex effect on the affected veins, has a vasoconstrictor effect on the walls of capillaries and veins, reduces their elongation and increases the tone. This reduces venous stasis and increased outflow.

ATOPEX   more info

Atopex is an immunosuppressive drug, indicated for a wide range of conditions and diseases - treatment and prevention of rejection following transplantation of bone marrow and solid organ transplantations (lung, heart-lung, heart, liver, kidney or pancreas transplantations), including patients


Petcam Oral Suspension was first manufactured in the UK and Germany in 1993, and within as little as the first two years of production it has been successfully applied to over 43,000 dogs. Today, available in many countries, this product has become a real commercial and therapeutic success.

PHEXIN   more info

Ear infections, upper respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, skin and other infections caused by bacteria are easily treated with Phexin

CYTOXAN   more info

Cytoxan is a medication clinically proven to be a dependable remedy against numerous cancer types.

BETOPTIC   more info

Betoptic is an innovative medication that belongs to a group of beta-blockers and is potent to reduce pressure inside the eye.


Calcium Carbonate is a natural mineral that is found in different products. The component is vital for various body functions, especially bone maintenance and formation.

CELADRIN   more info

Celadrin is a completely safe, 100% natural product that is commonly used as a pain and inflammation reliever.

EVECARE   more info

Evecare is a revolutionary herbal product that is aimed at management and stabilization of the female health.

HIMCOCID   more info

Himcocid is an innovative natural treatment that is used to improve the symptoms of gastrointestinal disorders.

RALISTA   more info

Ralista serves an effective treatment that influences the bone formation process and breakdown in the body.

DRAMAMINE   more info

Dramamine belongs to a group of antihistamines with a powerful influence on vital body functions and organs. Due to the approved active ingredient, Dimenhydrinate, the medication can significantly decrease the action of a naturally produced histamine

DUPHALAC   more info

Duphalac is an effective medication that helps decrease the symptoms of constipation. The active ingredient of the drug, Lactulose, is classified as a sugar type.

INDINAVIR   more info

Indinavir belongs to the group of protease inhibitor antivirals that works warning the multiplication of human immunodeficiency virus cells in the body.

OLANZAPINE   more info

Olanzapine is classified as an antipsychotic drug, which promotes a drastic impact on the brain balancing the existing disorders and improving the symptoms of related complications.

OXYTROL   more info

Oxytrol is an innovative medication that stimulates a potent impact on the bladder and urinary tract. The active ingredient of the remedy, Oxybutynin, works reducing the muscle spasm that occurred in the specified areas.

PURINETHOL   more info

Purinethol is classified as a cancer medication due to the potent impact promoted by its active ingredient.

ELDEPRYL   more info

Eldepryl is a trading name of the active ingredient Selegiline. This ingredient selectively blocks monoamine oxidase B enzyme (MAO-B) and reduces the symptoms of the Parkinsonís disease.


Hyaluronic Acid is one of the main ingredients of the extracellular tissue. This ingredient may be found in many biological liquids but most part is present in the connective tissue.

KYTRIL   more info

A mechanism of the pharmacological action of Kytril consists in the selective blocking of the serotonin 5-HT3-receptors that are located in the endings of the nervus vagus.

HYDREA   more info

Hydrea belongs to a group of FDA approved cancer treatments. Containing Hydroxyurea as an active ingredient, the medication features a potential impact on sickled red blood cells and cancer cells in the body.

REMINYL   more info

This effective medication contains Galantamine as an active ingredient. Due to revolutionary composition, the treatment enhances functioning of the nerve cells within the brain. The medication prevents acetylcholine breakdown.


Moreover, Geriforte Syrup serves as anti-stress, being classified as an adaptogenic drug. The therapy helps combat fatigue and stress, advance stamina and boost overall body performance.

ASTYMIN M FORTE   more info

Astymin-M Forte is a medication taken by patients to treat such health conditions as wound healing, common cold, tissue repair, liver damage, male infertility, alcoholism, and some others.

GUDUCHI   more info

This all-natural, highly effective and newly released medication is aimed at treatment of various health disorders. Guduchi is the remedy aimed at the overall improvement of the immune system and specific treatment of certain health disorders.

KOF TEA   more info

The complex of advantages makes Kof Tea an extremely demanded and widely appreciated remedy. Apart from the mentioned indications, the treatment can be administered off-label for a range of other conditions, not listed in the safety guide.

OXITARD   more info

Since oxidative stress can trigger other health impairments, such as dermatosis, diabetes and coronary artery disease, Oxitard helps not only overcome the current disorder, but prevent the appearance of further complications.

PUNARNAVA   more info

Punarnava is a medication, which contains 100% natural ingredients. Each component of the drug has numerous pharmaceutical properties, which help achieve final results.

CIPCAL   more info

Cipcal is a brand medication available as specially laminated tablets (15 pills per strip). This drug is a combination of some essential vitamins and minerals, and itís taken by many patients to treat bone weakness.

GOKSHURA   more info

Gokshura is a popular and amazing Ayurvedic herbal supplement with extraordinary medicinal qualities. Itís famous for many health benefits, including being effective for rejuvenating your health.

SUPRADYN   more info

Supradyn is a popular multivitamin supplement available over the counter in many online and standard pharmacies. Basically, itís a medicine that helps patients produce extra energy that they need to obtain throughout the day.

REOSTO   more info

Reosto is an ultimately new and approved medication, which is characterized by the all-natural composition and powerful influence on the organism. Due to the safe impact on the organism the drug can eliminate pain, inflammation and other symptoms of osteoporosis.

LARIAM   more info

Lariam is a well-known medication used to treat malaria, which is a widespread disease caused by certain parasites. It works by interfering with their growth in red blood cells.

DIDRONEL   more info

Didronel is a bisphosphonate medication that works altering the bone breakdown and formation in the human body.

BONNISAN DROPS   more info

Bonnisan Drops is an approved and appreciated property of Ayurvedic medications, which is produced by Himalaya Herbal Healthcare.

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