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Pain Massage Oil


Pain Massage Oil is an oil for massage on the basis of the natural herbs which favor the release from the neuromuscular pain and pains connected with arthritis. This remedy replaces different medical drugs analgetics which cause different side effects with the pain relief. This vegetable product does not cause any side effects, does not harm the skin and reduces the pain sensations very quickly.

A mechanism of the action is first of all connected with warmth which comes to your joints and muscles during massage. This oil warms up the body reducing pain and all unpleasant symptoms connected with it. Also, the vegetable components which are added into this product provide the anti0inflammatory and relaxing effect. If you cannot even move because of arthritis or other diseases which cause severe pain and ache in joints, bones, and muscles, this remedy will help you to get up and have a full life.

Pain Massage Oil includes the cleanest, natural and useful ingredients:

- Cedrusdeodara provides a spasmolytic, anticetic and anesthetic effect, and helps to remove the muscle spasms

- Acoruscalamus tones nerve endings and has a strong analgetic effect

- Moringapterygosperma has an expressed anti-inflammatory effect

- Zingiberofficinale also favors the reduction of the tumors of the inflammatory character

- Sidacordifolia has a spasmolytic action.

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Pain Massage Oil must be rubbed in the area of the pain by the light actions until its complete absorption in the skin. Rubbing this skin in the skin you warm affected area and activates all components of this remedy.

It is very effective to use Pain Massage Oil during massage of Core Integration Bodywork which is a system of the deep work with the body which restores a natural balance of the body with the help of the deep work with tissues, stretching, mobilization of the joints and retraining o the body. You will not forget the received effect and your body will thank you.


- This oil is indicated only for the external application.

- Terminate the use in case of the appearance of the irritation on the skin, sensation of burning. In this case, it is necessary to find out whether you have an allergic reaction to any plant included into this remedy.

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