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Panadol Extra


Panadol Extra is a product that is used for fast effective pain relief. Any pain especially affecting muscular structure of a human being will be taken care off by this tablet. The asthma patients who are allergic to Aspirin can rely upon Panadol extra for containing this disease. Apart from this, this tablet is useful to control all kinds of pain including toothache, muscular aches, osteoarthritis, backache, arthritis, period pain, migraines, sore throat, muscular and rheumatic pain, nerve pain (neuralgia, backache (lumbago) and headaches. This is one of the safest drugs for pregnant mothers who are suffering from various ailments including FLU like symptoms, common cold, fever, and also breast feeding mothers. As it can be used for all kind of discomfort associated with a variety of temporary aches and pains, it has wide level of patronage among pain sufferers.

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Panadol Extra tablets possess two active ingredients viz., Paracetamol and caffeine. This tablet reduces pain among sufferers by reducing the production of prostaglandins in the brain and spinal cord. It is available in tablet form only. Panadol Extra tablets are suitable for adults and children over 12 years of age. This tablet is available in soluble form. In adults and children over twelve years, Panadol Extra tablets should be given at the rate of two tablets for every 4 hours. It is contraindicated for the children below 12 years of old. As Sodium is present in Panadol extra soluble tablets, it should not be used in the patients on a low sodium diet. It is always advisable to seek an opinion from your doctor or pharmacist if you’re on a low sodium diet.


It should not be used for the patients having liver and kidney dysfunction. Avoid the usage of caffeine containing beverages such coffee, tea while using this drug. You should not exceed the dosage indicated in the leaflet provided with the medicine. It is always recommended that you use this product as recommended by your physician or follow the instructions given along with the product. If used as per the instruction there are no side effects on using this product.

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