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Diarrhea, pancreatitis, flatulence - symptoms of the normal digestive system failure, which often complicate the life of many people.

In this case it is necessary to seek the assistance of drugs. To date, there is quite huge variety of drugs, improving the work of digestive system. Among them - Pancrelipase, number one choice in modern medical practice.

What is Pancrelipase?

Pancreatin or Pancrelipase relates to enzyme preparations. Enzymes are vital for normal body function. Different groups of enzymes trigger various processes in the body. They are involved in the assimilation of nutrients and in the brain, and in the activities of the body at the cellular level. Many biochemical processes in the body can take place only with the participation of enzymes. Each enzyme is unique and only performs its own task.

The formula of Pancrelipase includes three digestive enzymes: amylase, protease and lipase. Amylase enzyme is present in the body in the saliva and pancreatic secretions in the intestine. Amylase is responsible for breaking down complex carbohydrates into sugars and starches assimilation.

The protease is also secreted by the pancreas except that it is in the gastric juice in the intestine. Protease is responsible for the assimilation of proteins.

Lipase is secreted by the pancreas and stomach. The body needs lipase to metabolize fat or lipids .

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Why doctors prefer to prescribe Pancrelipase?

Pancrelipase tablets are considered to be one of the best enzyme preparations. So, you can take the help of Pancrelipase tablets, if you have such diseases as: cystic fibrosis, chronic pancreatitis, pancreatectomy, dyspepsia, gastritis.

Pancrelipase can help you to cope with various digestive disorders, which were caused by the existing chronic diseases of the liver or biliary tract. If indigestion was caused by fatty or unusual food for you, do not despair, Pancrelipase can be useful in this case. Quite often this drug is given to people before the diagnostic studies for the release of accumulated intestinal gases.

Application and the right dose of Pancrelipase

Pancrelipase is used orally with food or after a meal. Tablet or gelatin capsule must be swallowed. Donít drink abundantly any alcoholic beverage and those, containing alkalis while intake of the drug.

The dose of Pancrelipase is calculated in accordance with the age of the patient, as well as the disease itself. The average adult patient may consume one hundred fifty thousand units of the drug per day. If Pancrelipase works very poorly, then the dosage may be increased - four thousand units per day. This is the amount of enzyme, which is necessary in the body daily.

The largest number of Pancrelipase, which may be taken by adult per day - fifteen - twenty thousand units per kilogram body weight.

Duration of treatment course is very different. Sometimes, it is enough to drink once or two - three days, if, for example, the violations are associated with overeating. And in some cases, it is necessary to take this drug for weeks. If a chronic disease, the duration of treatment with Pancrelipase may take up to several years.

Side effect and warnings of Pancrelipase

Sometimes, especially with hypersensitive or in case of prolonged use of Pancrelipase, the preparation may cause side effects. These often include various types of allergic reactions. Sometimes the use of the drug may cause digestive disorders such as, diarrhea or conversely, constipation, heavy stomach, retching. These features are typical for pancreatic disease. Therefore, doctors find it difficult to say what caused the dyspeptic symptoms in the treatment with Pancrelipase.

If you take Pancrelipase for a long time, you can notice the increase of uric acid amount in the body.

Scientists can not give assurance that the use of the drug is completely harmless for fetal development. Therefore, the use of Pancrelipase in women during pregnancy without first consulting your doctor is undesirable.

Patients, suffering from cystic fibrosis, should not take Pancrelipase in increased amounts, as it can cause serious complications. If you take this medication with antacids, the effectiveness of it may be less than expected.

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