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Parlodel (Bromocriptine)


Parlodel is a preparation of extremely wide spectrum of action. It is used in bodybuilding to suppress the secretion of prolactin, it boasts properties of a solid fat burner; suppresses the appetite and increases libido. In medical practice, Parlodel is prescribed, as a rule, to women suffering from various problems (with lactation in particular), though the drug is oftentimes prescribed for the treatment of men (oligospermia, reduced libido and even impotence).

Parlodel cannot be considered to be a classic fat burner, although in sports practice it is most often used for this purpose. The interest of bodybuilding adherents to Parlodel is explained due to medication’s ability to inhibit the secretion of prolactin. Also, the drug increases the secretion of leptin, the so-called satiety hormone, and contributes to a considerable increase of libido. Both the first and the last features are inherent in the drug due to the fact that it is a specific agonist of dopamine receptors (mainly type D2). Furthermore, Parlodel has a pronounced fat burning effect. The drug allows you to fight with the development of gynecomastia, which arose in the course of the use of drugs with a strong progestogenic activity (nandrolone norethandrolone, anapolon to some extent – trenbolone).

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Parlodel pharmacological action

Parlodel is a stimulant of dopamine receptors. The main property of the drug is an ability to decrease secretion of anterior pituitary hormone prolactin. In this case, the drug has no effect on the increase or decrease in the other levels of the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland. It can also provide a significant reduction in the level of growth hormone, which is essential for patients with a diagnosis of acromegaly. The most commonly used drug in the postpartum period can not only to maintain, but also stimulate lactation. In the application of Parlodel at other times, it can disrupt the menstrual period.

In the complete absence of ovulatory periods the drug is used to stimulate and restore them. Parlodel has no influence on the development of thromboembolism and reducing the size of the uterus. Patients diagnosed with acromegaly formulation press not only for reduction of the level of growth hormone, but also to reduction of the sensitivity to glucose. Polycystic ovary syndrome comes back to normal, the secretion of luteinizing hormone is completely restored. In applying Parlodel patients with breast cancer, the drug not only reduces pain, but also significantly affects the reduction in the size of cysts.

Parlodel administration

The medication is advisable to overcome depression as to increase libido. The drug also allows you to get rid of fat not only in the abdominal region, but also throughout the body; the result is more rigid muscles. The preparation is excreted from the body within 12 hours. On this basis, it is oftentimes recommended to take a single 2.5-milligram tablet of the drug in the morning and evening. To enhance the effect of the drug during the first two weeks, you can adjust the dosage: the first 2 days take 1.25 mg of preparation 3 times a day with meals. Further, the dose is gradually increased to 7.5-10 mg per day.

Parlodel precautions

Parlodel should be taken with caution in people suffering from high blood pressure. In case of manifestation of any side effect pay a visit to your treating doctor asap.

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